Compassvale Secondary School

by | Jun 20, 2022

Compassvale Secondary School

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Know The Programme In The  Compassvale Secondary School

Compassvale Secondary School (CVSS) is a co-educational government secondary school in Sengkang, Singapore, located just a short walk from the Compassvale LRT station.

The integrated government school, which opened on January 2, 2000, provides secondary education in three academic tracks that lead to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level or Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level exams in Compassvale Secondary School.

Compassvale Secondary School Students

Education Program of the North Star

Our North Star Education Program provides a comprehensive curriculum that prepares our children to be world- and future-ready, equipped with the necessary values and 21st-century skills. Teachers serve as curriculum creators, collaborative learners, and holistic educators in our instructional programme based on the i-TEACH Framework for integrated, engaged, and evaluated learning. Compassvale Secondary School wants to make a name for itself in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Aeronautics (Applied Learning Program) and Community & Youth Leadership (Learning for Life Program) are our distinguished programmes departmental signature programmes Science Outdoor Learning & Experience, EL Speech & Drama, MTL Oratorical Skills, Fun with Math, Craft & Technology 3D Design/Printing, and others. Inquiry-Based Learning, Making Thinking Visible, ICT-enabled Active Learning, and Self-Directed & Collaborative Learning are some of our school’s pedagogies.

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Home-Based Learning (HBL) Days

Students will acquire curriculum content through in-school and home-based activities, both online and offline Blended Learning. Regular HBL Days are held around once every fortnight as part of students’ Blended Learning experience, and students/parents are well informed of the schedule in advance. Students will take the lead in directing and managing their learning during HBL days and learning packages. Teachers will design a range of learning initiatives for kids on HBL Days. Physical resources such as textbooks/worksheets or assigned ICT packages like Student Learning Space (SLS) or Google Classroom are examples of learning materials. The majority of the lessons will be asynchronous, allowing students to finish their work at their leisure.

Compassvale Secondary School Culinary Class

Personal Learning Device (PLD)

Each secondary school student will provide a PLD (CVSS has chosen a laptop) for learning in class and after school as part of the PDLP. The PLDs will work in conjunction with educational technology Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), Student ICON, and the Google Suite of apps. The PLDs create an immersive environment in which students can develop the dispositions, knowledge, and abilities necessary to succeed in the digital world. To ensure the correct use of the PLDs, they will include a built-in Digital Management Application (DMA), which will allow the school and parents to set parameters for controlling PLD and screen time consumption.

Compassvale Secondary School Classroom

Student Development Team

The Student Development Team (SDT) strives to support all students’ holistic development and well-being by offering carefully curated programmes that are in line with the school motto of “Realizing the Star Within” and the North Star Education Program (NSEP). The SDT designs specific learning experiences to meet the developmental needs of our North Stars at each level and seeks varied and authentic opportunities. Our North Stars develop character, social-emotional competencies, and emerging 21st Century Competencies focus on student-centricity. CCA Leaders support CCA teachers, coaches, and instructors in the day-to-day operations of the CCA. The chosen CCA teachers are based on their potential for leadership, track records, and contributions to the CCA.