Compare the best fibre boardband deals in singapore

Comprehensive Guideline On The Best Fibre Broadband In Singapore- Get Full Value For Your Money

According to recent statistics by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), about 84% of the Singaporean population is connected to the internet. The internet has become a significant part of our daily lives.

It’s not just all about being online that matters; connectivity speeds are a crucial aspect. Gone are the days when it would cost you ‘a tooth and a leg’ to get fast internet speeds. Competition amongst providers has made 1 Gbps broadband plan affordable and inexpensive.

For users, it’s essential to get the best broadband deals that will adequately cater for your needs of stable and powerful internet. In this article, we will introduce you to a comprehensive broadband guide for internet-crazed Singaporeans.

For non-techies: Router Vs. Mesh

broadband promotion

Before delving deeper on the broadband comparison, we need to fully understand what is the difference a mesh and a router? Mesh(es) expands your Wi-Fi signals reach allowing you to get good wi-fi connectivity throughout your home/apartment. For homes with large floor area mesh is ideal other than routers due to its consistent speed and extensive coverage area despite the location.

Routers connect with your broadband modem enabling it to easily connect with your electronic devices such as PC, smartphone, and tablets.

Which kind of user are you?

Best Fibre Broadband In Singapore

It’s vital to purchase the best internet plan that will adequately cater for your needs, before signing a new contract. This will enable you to get the provider and service that you require.

  • Low users- Those are individuals who use the internet for basics like shopping, reading emails and paying bills. For this category, you can purchase no frills and economic bouquet.
  • Medium users- They are those who use the internet daily but are not avid movie fanatics or downloading music songs. For them a broadband plan with a modest download limit is adequate. When surfing you’ll receive notification when you are almost exceeding your limit. However, this comes at an additional cost.
  • High users- They are internet-depriving users who love the net and spend a lot of time posting status and uploading videos and photos to a social media site, streaming movies, and downloading music albums. All these activities require cheap Wi-Fi plans for home that’s fast with high connectivity.

Fibre Broadband Review

Singtel broadband

Singtel broadband provider

If you are looking to purchase a Singtel broadband plan as standalone, it’s not priced competitively. Most providers offer lower broadband cost or low monthly cost for the same period. However, Singtel is unique when comparing internet plans as it has the capabilities of bundling all its services into one.

Its 1Gbps broadband plan offers a 24-month contract at S$44.90 for a wireless router, and it also comes with TP-Link Archer AC1200 Wireless Router. For the wire-mesh, it will cost you S$49.90 to purchase a 24-month contract, and you’ll also be given an Askey Wifi Mesh

Singtel has a strong customer base when it comes to entertainment and telecommunication needs. The provider leverages on its abilities in the entertainment market to bundle all its service into one.

For users who own Singtel mobile line, mio TV and broadband you’ll receive a 10% discount on your mobile subscription. In your household, if you have more Singtel subscribers, you’ll receive a 30% discount (maximum of 5 people)

The provider has three types of bundles:

  • Surfers bundle
  • Gamers bundle
  • Family bundles

Singtel broadband plan

For the three bundle categories, fibre broadband has a flat rate of $ 49.90.

P.S. For users who want to save more, you can charge your monthly broadband bill to your savings account via Giro enabling you to save more and get higher interest.


  • Free registration worth $53.50
  • It has powerful speeds
  • It comes with fibre termination installation waiver worth close to $160.50


  • Some users have complained of poor customer service



ViewQwest Fibre Broadband Services

For users looking for one of the fastest broadband in Singapore with zero traffic shaping or throttling, ViewQwest 2Gbps is the one for you. It the best internet provider for gaming, for 2Gbps it will only cost you $59.90 per month over 24 months.

The provider also offers stunning features when it comes to the broadband comparison; they offer Freedom DNS free of charge for three months (after that optional @ $10.70/mth) enabling you to surf the internet without restrictions and your data freely will be fully secure when you send and receive.

They also offer Bit-Torrent Broadband that allows you to share large files of data as well back up your data and other high bandwidth in a legal way. ViewQwest has one of the fastest uploading speeds at 1Gbps dwarfing its competitor speeds making it the best broadband deals for customers.


  • Latency Based Routing- The provider routes your traffic through the best route providing for quick and efficient website loading times.
  • Static IP Address- It maintains your setting stable; you need not worry about NAS, Server or CCTV settings
  • 24/7 Technical Support- Regardless of which service you are subscribed to; you will have full access to our tech experts 24/7 who will guide you through any connectivity problem.
  • It has an incredibly low price of just $59.90 a month.

Factors to consider when comparing internet plans

Broadband speed

Singapore has one of the fastest broadband speeds globally with rates ranging from 2Mbps to 2Gbps (or 2,000 Mbps). Always factor in the intended usage of the broadband to ensure you enjoy fast lightning speeds.

Monthly cost

Focus on your needs when it comes to broadband comparison, at times the cheapest broadband is not the best. In Singapore, monthly broadband charges are between $20 to $150.

Contract period

Always factor in your budget-range when looking for the best internet plan, almost all providers in Singapore tend to offer contract lengths of 12 to 24-months. Choose a contract period that will not hurt your pocket

Data Limits

Most providers in Singapore allow users to cap the amount of data consumed albeit with additional charges if you exceed your limit. Nowadays, the most broadband plan offers unlimited that comes with a fair usage policy.


Choosing the best internet plan is an easy process. It’s advisable always to do prior research to ensure you understand the terms and conditions before finally settling on one. In the above post, we have highlighted everything that there is to know to make an informed decision. Cheers!

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