Cornerstone Community Church (CSCC)

Cornerstone Community Church CSCC

Cornerstone Community Church (CSCC) in Singapore 

The Singapore-based, independent Cornerstone Community Church is a Charismatic congregation. This organization gets dedicated to global missions with associate congregations in Indonesia, Australia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, and the Philippines. Cornerstone Community Church (CSCC) founder and senior pastor Rev. Yang Tuck Yoong is in charge of the organization, founded in 1990.


Under the auspices of the Anglican Church in Singapore, Cornerstone Community Church (CSCC), formerly Bedok Christian Centre, was founded in 1990. To more accurately reflect the expanding variety of the church, the name gets changed to Cornerstone Community Church on January 1, 1994. To better support the parishioners’ spiritual calling, CSCC changed its legal status to that of an autonomous Charismatic church on June 2, 1995. Midway through 2000, the church formally joined forces with Waverly, New York-based ministerial fellowship Zion Ministerial Fellowship Inc.

With ten congregations of different ethnicities and languages, Cornerstone Community Church has expanded over the years to include more than 5,000 members. Over a hundred churches have also been started, along with bible schools, in 18 different nations. Over the years, Cornerstone Community Church has grown to have more than 5,000 members, with ten congregations of various nationalities and languages. In Swansea, Wales, an institution founded in 1927 by intercessor Rees Howells, the CSCC assisted in revitalizing the Bible College of Wales and the Pisgah Chapel in 2012.


Cornerstone Community Church believes that it gets called by God to be a house of prayer and carry out the Great Commission. The church has sent out several teams to share the gospel abroad since it gets founded. Today, CSCC has started churches in over a dozen different nations.

Services They Provide

Grow Series

They want God’s Truth to be established in everyone’s life so that they might all progress from one level of belief to another. It supports individuals receiving water baptism and new converts who have just decided to follow Christ. These subject areas will get covered.

  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Baptisms
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Fellowship and walking in victory

Training & Equipping

The Bible serves as the cornerstone of a Christian’s life. You will be equipped and guided through the various stages of life through the Training and Equipping (T&E) classes.

School of Prophetic Ministry

Students at the School of Prophets get referred to as sons of the prophets. They developed such a high level of awareness. They get taught to tap and flow in the prophetic. Its impact was so tremendous that it started to mold and influence Israel’s entire spiritual environment.

Water Baptism

The water baptism of a believer is one of the most vital turning points in their relationship with God. A public declaration of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Every newly saved person gets urged to take this act of obedience and trust by being baptized.

Marriage Preparation Course

One of a person’s most significant life events is getting married. Before planning their wedding, renting out church facilities, or even purchasing their Matrimonial property, Cornerstone couples are required and urged to complete the MPC at least a year in advance.

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