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Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC): Everything to know

A church in Singapore is called Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC). There are three places of worship for it—one on Jelapang Road in Bukit Panjang, Woodlands Drive 16 in Woodlands, and Park Avenue Convention Centre in Changi Business Park.

About the Church 

Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC)is a community of Christians that goes beyond a little neighborhood church. Isaiah 60:22, which the Lord first used as a promise to Covenant EFC in the 1980s, has not only come to pass but has also catalyzed Covenant EFC’s missional expansion as an intentional disciple-making church and movement.

They consider the church’s primary objective to be the making of disciples. They encourage one another in their Christian walk as a spiritual family. Together, they carry out the vision to conquer the world for Christ by discovering and utilizing their spiritual abilities to serve and foster community.

Three worship locations, a central equipping and corporate center, New Life Community Services (a medium-sized charity with IPC status), a local missions organization, and the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciple Making Churches make up the Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) family.

Senior Leaders and Pastors

  • Chairman – Elder Dr. Louis Tan
  • Reverend Edmund Chan – Leadership Mentor
  • Reverend Tony Yeo – Senior Pastor
  • Reverend Tan Kay Kiong – Senior Pastor

What does a name mean?

Covenant: the Covenant identifies Christ as the consummation of God’s unwavering promise of salvation and blessing for humanity.

Evangelical: it demonstrates CEFC’s dedication to the gospel and the proclamation of it as the only means of salvation. An evangelical belief in the virgin birth of Christ, his bodily resurrection, and salvation by grace through faith. They are also committed to the inspired Word of God.

Free: Each congregation of the Evangelical Free Church denomination has the authority to manage its affairs as granted by God.

Church: the believers that make up CEFC get bound together by the Spirit of Christ.


Authentic discipleship and intentional disciple-making will help the church get back to its disciple-making roots, reproducing disciples of a certain kind and multiplying them to win the world for Christ.


Create an IDMC model and start an IDMC movement to spur the growth of intentional disciple-making churches and carry out the Great Commission mandate. God has given the church a vision to change the world via discipleship rather than just making disciples locally. They get called to lead and spark a global IDMC movement in addition to establishing an IDMC in Covenant EFC.

The Gospel of Christ contains the hope that the world most desperately needs. The church is designated to carry the gospel. More than anything else, the church needs leaders, and intentional mentorship is the best way to develop leaders. The church’s motto, “AUTHENTIC DISCIPLESHIP, and INTENTIONAL DISCIPLEMAKING,” sums up Covenant’s distinctiveness as a mentoring legacy.

New Life Community Services

Through the provision of child care and student care services, New Life Community Services (NLCS) involves the community. By enabling people to navigate life’s transitions, NLCS strives to accomplish its objective of illuminating God’s love.

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