Crescent Girls’ School

by | Jun 20, 2022

Crescent Girls' School

Crescent Girls School Students

What To Know About Crescent Girls’ School

Crescent Girls’ School was designated school in 1996 and was named one of Singapore’s first FutureSchools@Singapore in 2007. Alexandra Estate Secondary School, now Crescent Girls’ School, was founded in 1955. Male students were transferred to Pasir Panjang Secondary Institution that year, giving the school its current name. To allow for the renovation, the school relocated to temporary facilities on Queensway in late 1990. The school relocated to its original site in January 1994 to newly finished facilities. 

Crescent Girls School Auditorium

Arts of Communication

The Communicative Arts incorporate literature and English focusing on good oral communication as a 21st-century skill. Students are exposed to a wide range of abilities (e.g. inferential, analytical) through Communicative Arts to cater to various learner types. Each lesson in the curriculum emphasises teamwork to help students become autonomous learners and communicators. Within units, differentiated techniques of instruction used. 

In the poetry lesson, fundamental themes taught through college performance and students penning their poems.

Crescent Girls School Gym

Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities for Secondary 1 to 3

Fortnightly Mother Tongue activities provide for authentic MTL usage and exposure. During the MTL Fortnight, students exposed in addition to studying and utilising the language. We worked with key partners, including alumni, to organise MTL Fortnights at schools. 

During the MTL Fortnight, participate in various outside–class MTL activities to help them learn and use MTL in new and engaging ways. Among events are drama, cross discussions, storytelling, learning journeys, Wayang, and speeches by authors from the CL/ ML/ TL communities. Cultural camps offer students a fully immersive setting to learn and practise the language.

Crescent Girls School Field

Education on Sexuality

In schools, sexuality education (SEd) aims to help students understand the physiological, social, and emotional changes that occur as they grow older, develop healthy and rewarding relationships, including those with people of the opposite sex, and make wise, informed, and responsible sexuality decisions. The importance of the family as the basic unit of society lies at the heart of SEd. It entails promoting happy, heterosexual marriages and stable nuclear families with the help of extended family. 

Kulintang and Angklung

(Crescent’s Angklung and Kulintang Ensemble) more than a Co-Curricular Activity. We’ve always been that to accomplish big things need to work together as a team. We have undoubtedly built stronger ties with one another a result of the many concerts we have attended. For to attain a common goal, we also need to work together. In 2021, we took part in the Singapore Youth Festival and received a Certificate of Distinction. When we received this honour, it was one of our proudest moments as a group. As a family, we anticipate many more happy years ahead.


One of the primary drives of a Crescentian education is our legacy of seeking excellence in teaching and learning via innovation. Crescent Girls’ School began m-Learning@Crescent in 2004 after realising the potential of a 1-to-1 computing experience and the unique opportunities that a personal learning device (PLD) offers in offering strong teaching and learning experience. To help students increase their digital literacy, MOE introduced the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) in March 2020 for secondary schools and Institutes of Higher Learning. The introduction of the Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) for all secondary school students, under which every secondary school student will own a school-prescribed Personal Learning Device (PLD) by the end of 2021, is one of the NDLP’s components.

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