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All You Need to Know About Dairy Farm Nature Park

Dairy Farm Nature Park has a variety of recreational opportunities, including a nature trail and a former quarry. The Wallace Education Centre, located in the park, houses a permanent exhibition honouring the contributions of renowned English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace to natural science. Wallace arrived in Singapore on April 18, 1854, and spent eight years studying the natural history of the Malay Archipelago. Wallace, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, is the other “father” of evolution theory.

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Dairy Farm Natural Park is a 63-hectare nature park in Singapore’s Upper Bukit Timah neighbourhood. Dairy Farm Nature Park is a 75-hectare park.

Dairy Farm Nature Park Statue

Wallace Education Centre

The Wallace Education Centre was once a cow shed and now includes an education exhibit where visitors may learn about our region’s biogeography and biodiversity. The different interactive exhibits in Dairy Farm will appeal to visitors of all ages who want insects and other local wildlife. The Citizen Science Lab features magnifying glasses for investigating the natural world, 3D replicas of biodiversity found in the area, and a trick-eye wall. The gallery also hosts themed exhibitions regularly. Dairy Farm Nature Park does not have genuine cows because it is no longer a dairy farm.

Wallace Trail

The Wallace Walk from Hillview MRT station to the Wallace Education Centre, built-in 2009 and extended in 2020, is a 2.2-kilometre natural trail dedicated to Alfred Russel Wallace. During his visit to the Malay Archipelago in 1854, Wallace stopped in Singapore and collected many kinds of beetles around the Dairy Farm site.

Discover the flora and animals of Dairy Farm Nature Park through Wallace’s eyes while learning about the area’s history through items from the past on this route. Don’t forget to check out the new viewing deck’s uninterrupted view of the neighbouring secondary forest.

Dairy Farm Nature Park Trail

Nursery for the Community

Dairy Farm Nature Park has just opened Singapore’s first community nursery. Volunteers will collect seeds or wildlings from the surrounding Bukit Timah and Central Catchment Nature Reserve woodlands to propagate and nurture endangered native plants. The plants will aid NParks initiatives such as the One Million Trees campaign. If you want to help out in the Central Nature Reserve, you can sign up as a volunteer here.

Quarry at a Dairy Farm

Morning at Dairy Farm Quarry – Dairy Farm Nature Park trail
Dairy Farm Quarry is different from most other quarries in Singapore. While most quarries become lakes, this one has been filled with soil since its granite quarrying operations ceased.

Take the Wallace Trail from Car Park A to the Dairy Farm Quarry, then continue on the trail that converges with the mountain biking trail. The terrain is rugged and uneven in places; astonished by the beautiful view of the quarry at the end. Dairy Farm Nature Park Climbing Wall – Dairy Farm Nature Park Hiking in Singapore

Dairy Farm Nature Park Stairs

Hike to the top of Bukit Timah

If you’re looking for a more intense workout, climb to the top of Bukit Timah! The Dairy Farm access to Bukit Timah is less congested than the Hindhede entrance, but it is also steeper. You trek the Wallace Trail to Dairy Farm Hut to reach the peak, then choose one of the two routes to reach your destination. Be aware this trail to the peak is reputed to the most challenging of the bunch, so be prepared!

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