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Making Banking A Pleasure

We want to “Make Banking Joyful” by using digital technology and seamlessly integrating ourselves into your life to provide easy, rapid, and relevant banking solutions and experiences. We’re in it for the long haul, with the goal of enriching lives, transforming companies, and achieving long-term results.

A bank with a clear mission

It’s in our DNA to be purpose-driven. We have believed in the value of good citizenship since DBS and POSB were founded as the Development Bank of Singapore and the “People’s Bank,” respectively. DBS has continued to reinvent itself over the years in order to become a more sustainable bank, building on its distinguished history.

We’re focusing on three pillars of sustainability: I responsible banking, (ii) responsible corporate operations, and (iii) social impact.

DBS is founded in 1968.

A tiny number of individuals were burdened with the unusual duty of supporting Singapore’s embryonic businesses and creating new ones as a young country struggled to determine its course in the 1960s.

DBS’s first chairman and president is Hon Sui Sen.

In 1968, Mr Hon came to DBS from the EDB, extending our services beyond development finance to become a full-fledged financial institution.

DBS buys Rollei in 1971 Photography fans, here’s one for the books: Singapore produced Rollei cameras, which were regarded as among the finest in the world in the 1970s. A plant for the German company was located in this town. “Made in Singapore” was proudly imprinted on the cameras.

The DBS logo first appears in 1972.

Did you know that our logo was inspired by the DBS Building foundation’s caissons? Our logo has changed since its inception in 1972, as we attempted to highlight the bank’s dynamism.

In Jurong, DBS establishes its first branch.

Each morning, stallholders deposit cash in paper bags. Gimson, our first and only watchman and carpark attendant, directs clients’ vehicles to the appropriate parking areas. At our first location in Jurong, these were some of the most prevalent sights.


DBS places people at the center of all we do, which is why we devote ourselves to learning everything there is to know about you. We are devoted to becoming the bank that you can trust and collaborate with throughout your life, whether it’s assisting you with your finances or helping you bring your business ideas into reality.

Bank less and live more.

DBS changed its ten-year-old positioning of “Living, Breathing Asia” to “Live more, Bank less” in May 2018. This new brand promise represents our idea that, in the digital world, we must provide banking that is so easy, frictionless, and invisible that our clients have more time to spend with the people and things that matter to them.

It encompasses various concepts, including allowing consumers to enjoy hassle-free banking, grab life’s possibilities, and live greater than themselves.

Integrating ourselves into the client experience

We proceeded to integrate ourselves in the customer experience in order to become more customer-centric. DBS, in collaboration with ecosystem partners, has developed markets on our website for the sale of automobiles, real estate, and power. The goal was to make banking invisible to people by integrating it into their daily lives.

We have a well-defined governance system in place that encourages openness, fairness, and accountability.

In our most recent Annual Report, we summarized our compliance with I the Guidelines on Corporate Governance for Financial Holding Companies, Banks, Direct Insurers, Reinsurers, and Captive Insurers that are incorporated in Singapore, which comprise the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 and supplementary guidelines and policies added by the Monetary Authority Singapore, and (ii) the Code of Corporate Governance 2018.

The Board’s delegation to the Board committees

The Board has delegated power to several Board committees to allow them to supervise certain specialized duties based on clearly defined terms of reference, in order to better perform its stewardship and fiduciary obligations. Any modification to a Board committee’s terms of reference must be approved by the whole Board.

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