DCA Architects Pte Ltd

by | May 14, 2022

DCA Architects Pte Ltd

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DCA ARCHITECTS PTE LTD is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice that provides services in architecture, interior design, and urban planning. We have a portfolio of award-winning projects in master planning, high-rise luxury apartments, Grade-A office buildings, commercial hubs, and mixed-use complexes, having been founded in 1996.


DCA began as a partnership in 1996, which was resolved on October 1, 1998, with the creation of DCA Architects Pte Ltd. From its start, DCA has developed a team of highly experienced architects and designers, bringing together an ensemble of multi-dimensional abilities in architecture, interior planning and urban design.

With a portfolio of national and international award-winning projects, DCA enjoys a prominent place in Singapore’s architectural sector. We’ve completed a number of high-profile residential and commercial projects, as well as large-scale masterplans both in the United States and overseas.

We’ve built profitable commercial buildings, engaging retail locations, appealing condominium complexes, large-scale master planning projects, and a variety of other unique structures. We’ve completed prestigious office developments like 79 Robinson Road, PSA Liveable City (PSA Horizons and PSA Alongside), Oxley @ Raffles Place, and Change Alley Mall, as well as contributing to Keppel Bay’s masterplan and projects like The Reef at King’s Dock, Reflections at Keppel Bay, and Corals at Keppel Bay. The business is now involved in significant projects like Pasir Ris 8 and Pasir Ris Mall, Rochester Commons, Elementum at Biopolis, and the luxury condominium Leedon Green.

DCA Architects Pte Ltd is a multi-award-winning firm that specializes in masterplanning, residential, commercial, retail, mixed-use, and industrial developments.

DCA’s cross-functional teams work closely with customers to develop high-quality end products in Singapore and Asia Pacific, ensuring a high level of service.


Design management, project management, interior design, master planning, urban planning, feasibility studies, and sustainable design are all included in our architectural services.

Over 40 BCA Green Mark certifications, 17 BCA Universal Design Mark certifications, seven BCA Building Information Modeling (BIM) awards, and seven FIABCI honors have been earned.


To build architecture that is dictated by each project’s particular dynamics, DCA depends on cooperation, careful orchestration, and a comprehensive analysis of requirements. DCA’s team of highly experienced architects and designers collaborate with clients to develop spectacular shapes and exciting places using a mix of creativity, sensitivity, and objectivity.

To deliver a high level of service, the practice operates as a collective entity, depending on a skilled and experienced workforce. The Management Team, which is made up of Directors and Associate Directors, is in charge of overseeing the practice’s design and strategic development. Their diversified expertise and ability to adapt to changing needs guarantees that we possess the flexibility and competence to tackle a wide range of projects of different size, type and complexity.


Our work is founded on hard effort, good management, and careful use of technology and materials. We believe that a successful work of architecture is defined as an entity that is enduring, efficient, and of high quality. We are a group of highly experienced architects and designers who believe that a successful work of architecture is defined as an entity that is enduring, efficient, and of high quality. Industry best practices, as well as a thorough grasp of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) technologies, influence our designs.

The creative-thought process is a collaborative endeavor at DCA, and it is essential to the production of excellent and responsible design. DCA never underestimates the value of new ideas and has gotten a lot of inspiration from ideas that have been given and discussed inside their office work environment. We develop and innovate by exchanging ideas and comments with customers and partners, and they are crucial to the design process via collaborative interactions as a result of this approach.

Creating awe-inspiring shapes and settings need a blend of imagination, sensitivity, and objectivity. It is based on collaboration, skillful orchestration, and careful assessment of requirements. The unique dynamics of the project define and regulate the architecture we develop. By examining these interactions, the production of space and shape is influenced by new ideas throughout the design process.

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