Detached Houses

Detached Houses Review

Residents in Singapore who want a more private, safe, and modern house setting choose to live in detached homes. Good class bungalows, or GCBs, are a kind of detached home that is commonly seen in great and affluent settings. GCBs must have a minimum land area or plot size of roughly 1,400 square metres or 15,070 square feet since they are the most luxury sort of landed property. This sort of home typically has a built-up area of 10,000 square feet, with a car porch large enough to accommodate three to four cars. In addition, this sort of house is well-known for its constant presence of a pool and a garden.

Separated vs. Semi-Detached: What’s the Difference?

What differentiates the two sorts of properties mostly relies on how they are planned and built. A detached home, for example, is often built as a free-standing building on its own separate piece of ground. On the other hand, a semi-detached home has a shared party wall that connects it to another comparable property.

Types of single-family homes: Bungalows vs detached houses

Due to the vast site sizes of good-class bungalows, their affluent and ultra-exclusive locations, and their specific planning restrictions, these houses are generally designated for high-profile inhabitants. This does not mean that detached houses are no longer a viable alternative to condominiums or townhouses for those who want to live in a more private, secure, and above all, luxurious environment.

How much more valuable are detached homes than semi-detached homes?

Yes. Semi-detached dwellings, on the other hand, tend to be less costly than full-fledged homes.

Detached houses are more expensive for many reasons.

A detached house’s exclusivity, building type, and large site size make it more costly than a semi-detached home.

Is a Detached House the Same as a Floating House?

  • Separated homes come in a variety of designs and looks that span throughout the design spectrum. colonial bungalows and the black-and-white residences have both ancient and modern aspects because of their architectural history and the current day. On the other hand, modern bungalows or detached homes are noted for their contemporary designs.
  • Since GCB houses are independent property kinds that do not share a wall with another property, privacy and freedom of space are two of its greatest advantages that occupants enjoy. These residences, which must have a land area of at least 1,400 square metres, are well-known for their spaciousness and their suitability for adding extras like swimming pools, gardens, and garages.
  • Bungalows in popular Singaporean residential areas including Nassim Road, Cluny Road, Eng Neo Avenue, Swiss Club Road, Binjai Park, and Chestnut Avenue tend to command higher prices. These high-end neighbourhoods cater to a select group of people who value privacy, exclusivity, and the finer things in life.

What Are the Most Effective Home Improvement Concepts for This Residence?

  • Homeowners are increasingly turning to contemporary minimalism as a design inspiration. Some of the best characteristics of this design approach are minimalist furniture that suit purposely empty and stark rooms.
  • Open house design – This remodelling plan is ideal for homeowners who want to freshen up their homes in order to create a more open and spacious environment. Accents such as trendy chandeliers, tables, and textured walls provide visual interest to this design’s lofty ceilings and large expanses.
  • Contemporary modern – This interior design concept utilises modern fittings and a contemporary approach to remodelling to provide attractive interior finishes that are accentuated by odd home furnishings and fixtures. This is ideal for homeowners who want to transform their property from a more conventional style to a more daring and statement-making one.

What Is the Average Price of a Detached House?

In Singapore, the price of a detached home typically ranges from S$5,000,000 to over S$20,000,000.

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