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EagleWings Cinematics singapore

Eagle Wings Cinematics is a brand new independent cinema in King Albert Park that has themed halls, elegant lounges, plush seats, and butler service, as well as food from the acclaimed Eagle Wings multi-cuisine café. EagleWings Cinematics’ premium class halls, EagleWings Gold and EagleWings Platinum, which opened in 2018, include a lounge with massage chairs and a soft-drinks vending machine with over 50 flavors.

Eagle Wings Yacht Charters is a company that specializes in yacht charters.

Eagle Wings Yacht Charters is dedicated to providing the finest of the sea. It is certainly worth the money, with everything from family fun activities to gourmet dinners. Each of the two top-of-the-line Catamaran boats delivers a one-of-a-kind personalized experience. An EagleWings Yacht experience is sure to be memorable, with entertainment systems, chefs, and banana boats. A brand new Sunreef Supreme 68 Sailing Catamaran is also available for hire in and around Singapore, providing a luxurious sailing experience.

Gelatos & Gifts and EagleWings Loft

Eagle Wings Loft has a relaxed yet refined vibe. The café seeks to serve guests the best foods from the EagleWings boat, which cruises the area. From European Italian food to Indonesian Fried Rice Paradise, the menu will take guests on a colorful journey through the finest of East and West cuisines. The restaurant’s hallmark dish, “Lobster Risotto,” is a combination of the freshest seafood from the sea and healthful grain rice from the land.

Cinematics for EagleWings

Eagle Wings Cinematics was created to fulfill one of our mall’s goals: to provide delight to friends and family via a variety of healthful offers. “Light your world,” our EagleWings Cinematics slogan, is based on the Bible verse “You are the light of the world… let your light shine…”

In keeping with our values, Eagle Wings Cinematics will strive to play independent uplifting faith-based films that are family-friendly, wholesome, entertaining, educational, inspiring, and have a spiritually edifying message in addition to the newest blockbusters. It is our hope that through lighting our world, we will offer pleasure to many hearts and that everyone who visits EagleWings Cinematics would leave feeling uplifted.

The first independent cinema in the Bukit Timah and King Albert Park areas is EagleWings Cinematics. It has a Platinum Hall with 18 seats, two Gold Halls with 12 seats each, a Silver Hall with 30 seats, and a Classic Hall with 63 seats, for a total seating capacity of 135 seats.

The five halls each feature a separate color scheme to guarantee that moviegoers enjoy a unique experience. Every quality armchair and classic chair was meticulously selected to accommodate a wide range of moviegoers, from a pair on a date night to a family gathering or a business function.

Lounge Premium

Our unique premium lounge is designed like a two-story penthouse. A stage is located on the lower 1st level, with the top 2nd level overlooking the first.

Premium visitors (Eagle Gold and Eagle Platinum ticket-holders) may congregate and socialize for beverages and snacks before entering the premium screening venues for their movies. Premium ticket holders may make extra food and beverage orders (from the EagleWings Loft menu) to be served during the movie.

Eagle Wings Mart is a store that sells eagle wings

Eagle Wings Mart is loaded with a broad selection of items, geared to the convenience of KAP Mall residents and the general public, and is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a new and upgraded location at KAP Mall.


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