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Guide to know about the East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a 15-kilometre-long length of the oceanfront park on Singapore’s southeastern coast, and it is the country’s largest. The picturesque park spans 185 hectares of reclaimed ground and is a popular hangout for residents who come to windsurf, swim, kayak, picnic, swim, grill, bicycle, skateboard, and dine. East Coast Park is recognized for its athletic activities, stretching from Tanjong Katong Road in Joo Kiat to the National Sailing Centre in Bedok. The 8-kilometre Coastal Park Connector Network connects it to Changi Beach Park. The cycling track at this fascinating park is frequently crowded with bikers and rollerbladers, while water babies may participate in water sports and aquatic activities.

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It gets built when the Singapore government finished reclaiming land off the coast at Katong, stretching from Changi to Kallang, in the 1970s.

East Coast Park Bicycles

East Coast Park Singapore Highlights:

    • East Coast Park, which encompasses 185 acres, is a lovely place to visit for a fun day.
    • Enjoy a laid-back day with your loved ones, picnicking, camping, and eating a delicious BBQ meal.
    • Swimming, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, and stand-up paddling are a few exciting water sports available.
    • Challenge your pals to a race while cycling with them.
    • Allow children to enjoy the Marine Cove Children’s Playground’s swings and attractions.
    • Visit the East Coast Park Sand Play Area E and spend some time creating sandcastles and reminiscing about your youth.
    • Raintree Cove’s tranquil and peaceful ambience is ideal for unwinding and relaxing.
    • Enjoy luxurious waterside dining with your loved ones at one of the park’s numerous cafés and restaurants.
    • Enjoy nature photography while capturing the magnificent flora and gorgeous shoreline.
    • At Parkland Green, you may have a wonderful time off-leash and playing with your pet.

East Coast Park Lighthouse

Visitor Tips for East Coast Park:

Before you plan your vacation to East Coast Park, keep the following in mind:

    • Before visiting or engaging in beach activities, tourists must first get authorization, such as a camping permit, which may acquire through an AXS self-service machine or online.
    • If you want a beach BBQ, you’ll need to rent a barbeque pit and a fire. There are no open barbeques allowed in this region.
    • You get only permitted to carry your BBQ pit to some locations and on public holidays.
    • Pulau Ubin is an excellent camping spot for individuals who like to camp in the better outdoors. It’s in a remote location where you can go horseback riding on some great routes.

East Coast Park Skate Area

Here’s a list of things to do in the East Coast Park

Waterski Park:
Waterski Park is a cable ski facility that allows explorers to do water skiing without having to go out into the water. Water skiing is safe for youngsters as young as six years in this area.

East Coast Park Singapore

Xtreme SkatePark:
Located in Area F, Xtreme SkatePark is dedicated to skating and offers a variety of circuits for all skill levels. For an exciting and fun-filled skating experience, the park has bowls, ramps, and rails. Children and adults may enjoy the excitement of skating at Xtreme SkatePark with their skateboards, scooters, or bicycles.

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