East Spring Primary School

by | May 23, 2022

East Spring Primary School

East Spring Primary School Logo

Guide To Know About East Spring Primary School

The school gets dedicated to giving students a well-rounded education. Character development is considered crucial to an educated person’s growth. Character development is a school-wide initiative systematically woven into students’ daily life through various activities and programs in East Spring Primary School.

School History:

Found in 1999 in the eastern portion of Tampines New Town. Qiaonan Primary School opened its doors to ten Primary One classes with 400 students on January 4, 1999. The staff and students relocated to Tampines St 33 on March 22, 1999. East Spring Primary School gets officially opened on August 3, 2001, by Dr. Aline Wong, a former Senior Minister of State for Education and Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC. The learning environment at the school is conducive. The East Zone Centre of Excellence for Science, Science Exploria, is also housed there.

Distinctive Program And Services:

Extensive Reading Program, Parental Involvement Programs, Value-In-Action Programs, Mathe & Science Olympiad Training, Learning Support Programs (English & Maths), Pupil Oracy Program (POP), Spring for Life Program, and LifeSkills Program are among the programs available.

E’Lights have access to various resources at school to help them grow into gracious individuals and lifelong learners. The school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), Spring for Life (SFL), strives to equip E’Lights with 21st-century skills and kindness. SFL’s progressive six-level camps instill values, build character, and develop new talents in E’Lights, and are one of the organization’s flagship programs. They can collaborate with their peers and make decisions through the program. It also urges E’Lights to be resilient, to be able to bounce back from setbacks and disappointments, and to push themselves to new heights of achievement.

All E’Lights are also allowed to participate in a LifeSkills Program to help them prepare for the future. Students’ social and emotional competencies get enhanced through this six-level program. E’Lights, for example, learn to prepare a simple meal in Primary 3 and financial literacy skills in Primary 4.

School Academic Achievements:

  • Singapore & Asian Schools Mathematical Olympiad 2019
  • National Chinese Language Text Recitation Competition 
  • National My Dream Shop Competition
  • 30th Painthamil Vizha (Proverb Recitation Competition) [Consolation Prize]
  • SYF Art Exhibition 2019 [Recognition]
  • SONY Creative Toy Competition [Whizkid Award Winners]

Events Conducted:

  • Immersion Trips
  • International Friendship Day 
  • Sports Carnival
  • Total Defense Day 
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Dragon Boat Festival Celebration
  • Use Your Hands Day
  • NE Show
  • Books To Go
  • Science Discovery Week
  • Adventure Camp

School Crest:

The letter ‘e’ represents the goal of providing all students with a well-rounded education. The black baselines on the letter ‘e’ indicate the building of a strong foundation for academic success, instilling upright ideals, shaping qualities, and nurturing thinking and creative people.

The flame represents a burning need for continuous and independent study in an ever-changing modern world. The letter ‘s’ stands for a strong drive for achievement. The black lines on the upper part of the letters represent a desire to succeed and thrive. Yellow represents a fresh, unique, and vivid sense of youth with a promising future. Blue symbolizes our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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