Epic Hotel has all the amenities, ALL of them!

Epic Hotel Amenities

The Epic Hotel is near Liverpool ONE which is a one stop location for shopping, residential and dine in complex.

The Liverpool one is the redevelopment of the 42 acres barren land in the Liverpool city center a retail led department founded by Debenhams and John Lewis along with additional elements including leisure facilities, apartments offices, public open spaces and transport improvements.

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Liverpool Cathedral : the Church of England Cathedral of the Diocese of Liverpool built on St James’s Mount

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Stirling Residences Near Cold Storage, as always this is a great option to buy fresh food to prepare at home.

The Completion of this beautiful project has significantly increased the local economy as well it has raised Liverpool to a status of achieving the position into the top five destinations in the United Kingdom,

The Epic Hotel is near the Liverpool waterfront which is a UNESCO world heritage site its aesthetic look and iconic scenery is a place tourist cannot miss.

Just a Look around the area you will stumble upon architecture with world class contemporary art and museums from maritime to leisure and abundance of restaurants, cafes and unique dock side hotels gathered in just this one wonderful locality.

The Epic Hotel is near the Matta’s International Foods at the 51 Bold Street a walk able distance from the Hotel.

Matta’s International Foods is an Indian grocery store where you can find food from all around the world and wholefoods, it also has an option for ordering online, there is a real feel of genuineness in the food that you buy and a wonderful customer service enduring the concept customer is king.

Matta’s International Foods provide Fruits & Vegetables and many other food items at very good prices without any sacrifice in the quality.

The Epic Hotel is near Ropewalks, and idiomatically the people here walk in ropes.

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The Rope Walk is the bohemian heart of Liverpool, usually bursting with art and culture, it also a great place to shop having a variety of books shops, vintage and vinyl arts and crafts stores, it’s also known for its food and drinks.

The Rope Walk is also a great place for investors, entrepreneurs and new startups, with lots of opportunities it’s a hot spot for anyone who like to start a business and be known.

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The Epic Hotel is near the Tesco Super Store in Liverpool one is a one stop shop for all your necessities,

The Tesco Super Store is 2 floors having a range for groceries, electronics and every other amenity you will ever need.

The Epic Hotel is also situated near educational institutions so you have no worries shifting in with your children and there is no problem for university grads.

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Liverpool Cathedral : the Church of England Cathedral of the Diocese of Liverpool built on St James’s Mount

The Epic Hotel is near schools like Saint Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Primary School, LIPA Primary School, Elliott Clarke School, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School.

The Epic Hotel is near Colleges like the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, The City of Liverpool College, Liverpool International College, Wirral Metropolitan College, etc

Delight Cuisines

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Epic hotel near cavern club

Epic Hotel Amenities 7

Natsu, one of the best restaurants in Singapore, featuring great reviews in every website, a great option if you want to eat outside.

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