EPIC Hotel and Residence

The Watch Tower of Liverpool
The Elliot Group is back with new whack which will strike out all others Properties in Liverpool. Elliot the best developer is about to present you the epic investment in real-estate history

We The Elliot. are at the perfect moment of the year launching for the new project which will attract investors and tourist worldwide and this perfect moment is in the form of EPIC APARTHOTEL.

As the name suggests this is the EPIC opportunity for the investors and tourist to invest in the watch tower of Liverpool which will sky rocket the returns of investment and pose as a onetime opportunity for investors local and worldwide and as the rental yield is on the rise in Liverpool your count down starts now.

EPIC Hotel and Residence

The Elliot group is the sole developer  with a proven track record in delivering marvelous wonders which the world has yet to be seen. Learn more about Epic Hotel Developer

The Aura Liverpool is also one the master pieces developed by the Elliot Group and now its on to make the EPIC APATHOTEL.

With over 20 projects comprising residential, commercial and student properties across the Northern Powerhouse region, the Elliot Group is on for another goal to the development of THE EPIC APARTHOTEL a one of a kind hotel with all the amenities and services which will make you forget the rest of the world.

EPIC Hotel and Residence 1
With the upcoming technologies and innovations Liverpool becomes the first cities in England and Wales to digitize its Local Land Charges register there by accelerating and improving the buying of property across the city, hence making it a good opportunity for investors and those willing to buy individual units also now buying property is at the tip of your fingers. Typical Floor Plans and Units mix


Liverpool’s thriving Private Renter Sector with landlords are enjoying some of the highest yields in the country and the high demand for rental property has made the existing landlords to continue investing and this is also attracting new investors to enter in the market to make their share of the profit. Check now Epic Hotel Pricing

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EPIC Hotel and Residence google location

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Amazing Reasons to Invest in EPIC Hotel and Residence

Having such a bright scope in the time to come in the Liverpool property market this is the right time to buy your share of the EPIC APARTHOTEL and EPIC as the name suggest this is going to be a great investment for investors and grate geological locality for the one interested in living a colorful life where u can have the latest amenities and facilities pegged with the nature.

Being situated in the locality central  to most amenities and a dock gives a soothing lake view these factors will definitely attract more rentals and hence giving a good return on investment.

Liverpool’s has grown faster than the other similar sized British cities and as it is well known the housing market hinges on its economy so we say that there is now a growth in the market the sooner the investment the better the returns.

Situated in 82 Norfolk Street near to the Liverpool’s southern waterfront giving it a lake view and it being the tallest in the locality is like watch tower the visions from which can reach the horizon.

EPIC Hotel and Residence 8
In a 7 minute drive will bring you to the Liverpool central which is a mile away and you will pass by the Liverpool Cathedral and an alternative route takes you through the dock side.

There is a well connected road network with bus stops near by and car rentals, also good cab services

Near by surroundings we have the Baltic Triangle, which is home to Liverpool’s creative industries and a dazzling nightlife scenario ; Liverpool One, one of the best shopping destination with is a premises of 10 minute walk; Lime Street Station, the main station that connects Liverpool to every nuke and corner in the United Kingdom; Hope Street, a 10 minutes’ walk is a street full of hope with two cathedrals on the two ends and many other things to explore with in; Bold Street, here you can see one of the best place you find for shopping and eating; Ropewalk, as the name suggest you find people thriving on ropes to start their new business some success some yet to be.

There is no need for worrying about the epic hotel location as you will find yourself in the most epic locations to be.

Talk about education we have the Liverpool John Moores University which is unbelievable just a 6 minute drive from the Hotel so If you got a child this is a wonderful  place to get admitted and from the Hotel you are just 6 minutes away from seeing your child you can enjoy the place and meet up with your children and those students who don’t like the hostel life would like to live in with the common crowd believe it this hotel is for you guys or girls.

Epic Hotel is also in the locality of the Liverpool waterfront giving a lake view for the lovers of the blue.

Epic Hotel is near Matta’s International food where you can eat food from around the world.

Epic Hotel is a also near TESCO superstore situated in Liverpool one.

Epic Hotel has a very sweet sunset view and night view which will sure be a added to your sweet memories.

Epic Hotel is also near Infinity towers Liverpool which is developed by none other than the Elliot Group.

Standing 16 storeys tall the EPIC Hotel and Residence is a Land Mark for any one coming to Liverpool. The view from the building is said to reach as far as Snowdonia.

FCH Architects are the designers who have come up with this beautiful piece of art.

This tall building is said to make the new sky line of the Baltic district  showing the world that Liverpool is on a rising economy line and Elliot Groups role within that.

It’s a great place to be for businessmen and a one of a kind destination for budding companies and entrepreneur.

The tenants are provided with  free training from one of the country’s leading advisors and entrepreneurs.

With Brown Cladded external walls we get the wooden feel with lights shining out from the windows.

Entering the Premises is the front entrance with a warm welcoming nature like design in brown, grey and green with ancient Greek type stone brick walk way entering into the building. See My Personal Review

EPIC Hotel and Residence Drone Video

The Epic Hotel gates are guarded with highly trained security guard in a formal blue collared suit and state of the art hi-tech security systems.

Entering the lobby will be a the reception on the left and seating area on the right with a world class royal feel as you enter and candle like chandeliers.

The Epic Hotel Rooms are very wide and spacious with splendid view of the outside and a SOHO atmosphere for those who usually work and live in the same place.

The Epic Hotel has State of the Art gym facilities are available with all the equipment required to burn the fat out of your body and plenty equipment so you don’t need to wait in line for your turn, just hop in and start working out.

The Epic Hotel restaurant is one of a kind with the best food from around the world and a good place to dine and keep round table meetings with coffee.

The Epic Hotel has one of the most amazing roof top swimming pools in the world giving you the feel of the Amazon Island.

The Epic Hotel provides an alternative luxury to a city centre hotel giving the most luxurious accommodation with space and comforts of home.

The Epic Hotel stay includes complimentary Wi-Fi  in you apartment, discounted secure valet parking with Q-Park and personal guest relations.

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Pricing and Floor Plans

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