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The Esplanade Park is one of Cairns’ most beautiful tourist attractions, where you may forget about your troubles and relax while taking in the soothing sounds of the ocean. Esplanade reaches out to all nature lovers for a fantastic day escape, providing a wonderful break to enjoy swimming and other water sports. Esplanade, with its magnificent views of the Trinity Inlet, is a great place to take your loved ones for an excellent picnic beside the swimming pool. Esplanade Park also offers grilling capabilities, making social gatherings more fun for everyone. Muddy’s Playground, Skatepark, Beach Volleyball, Healing Garden Playground, and Funship Playground are just a few exciting areas to congregate with your friends and families. The location is suitable for year-round visits and provides a Cairns’ pleasant climate.

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Esplanade Park is one of Singapore’s oldest heritage parks, having been built in 1943 and redeveloped in 1991 to strengthen the Civic District’s character.

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What Makes It So Special?

Esplanade Park consists of two busy streets, Northern and Southern Esplanade’s large, boulevard-like park in the heart of Helsinki. Because the park gets designed in an east-west orientation, the sun beams brightly on it all day. A fountain marks the park’s eastern edge, beyond which lies a vista of Helsinki’s market square and the sea. The Swedish theatre, which gets located behind the main street in Helsinki, closes the western end of the Esplanade open area.

Uses & Activities:

The park is one of Helsinki’s most popular public venues, drawing both locals and visitors. Demonstrations, which are more energizing than frightening in Finland, frequently pass along the Northern Esplanade. There are chairs to relax on, ice cream stalls, and a cafe constructed in the 19th century near the park’s western edge. A stage is located just across from the cafe’s patio, where free performances are held practically every day throughout the summer. Even though outdoor Areas are few during the chilly Finnish winter, the Esplanade Park has hosted a Christmas market since 1993.

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Comfort & Image:

The Esplanade Park is well-kept and secure. Although motorists utilize the Northern and Southern Esplanades, the park is more symbolic of the water than the traffic. Historic Helsinki buildings line the Esplanade, and the Esplanade Park gets ornamented with statues commemorating Finnish writers.

Access & Linkages:

The strategically placed Esplanade Park may be reached by foot or by bicycle. The park provides a green corridor from the city center to the market square, and the sea connects it to the city’s framework.


Esplanade Park is a well-known gathering spot. During the summer, people congregate at the park’s eastern edge for concerts. In small groups, people sit on benches or on the grass. Esplanade Park and the streets around it are unusually vibrant areas on the scale of Helsinki.

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Actions to Take:

Stop visit the Lim Bo Seng Memorial and the Cenotaph, one of Singapore’s oldest heritage parks, to reflect on the sacrifices made by troops. Visit the Victorian-styled Tan Kim Seng Fountain if you enjoy architecture.

Photographers may love the photos available in Esplanade Park, which include the many memorials and an excellent waterfront perspective.

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