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EtonHouse believes that children should be in charge of their education. Learning occurs naturally and spontaneously when youngsters are pleased and interested. Open-mindedness, critical thinking abilities, and a lifelong love of learning are equally as important as information acquisition. It was the motivating factor behind our inquiry-based teaching style, which revolutionized early childhood education 26 years ago. In Singapore and ten other countries, we continue to be a pioneer in education, providing a K-12 education route from Playgroup to High School. Continue reading to know more about the EtonHouse International School.

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Ng Gim Choo founded the first EtonHouse school in Singapore in 1995, inspired by her experiences as a parent of play-based preschools in London.


Our broad curriculum offers a wide range of experiences and multiple opportunities to read, write, count, measure, explore, express, and create.

As one of the first international schools to provide multilingual programs, it’s no wonder that our language lessons in Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, and English as an Additional Language are among our greatest assets. These give a rich background for language study and cultural inquiry via the lens of language and a tremendous chance for our children to acquire an international mindset. Our supplementary language lessons meet four times a week for 45 minutes. EtonHouse International School is well-known for providing a multilingual education. It was the first foreign school in Singapore to give a bilingual English-Mandarin program associated with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in 2011. (IB PYP). Today, EtonHouse Broadrick continues this history by providing Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, and English as an Additional Language (EAL) as part of our Mainstream Programme. Additionally, children who are proficient in Mandarin and have a great interest in the language can enroll in the Bilingual Immersion Program, which includes rigorous Mandarin exposure in Year 1 to lay a solid Mandarin foundation, followed by a 50:50 bilingual immersion from Years 2 to 6.The fascinating Specialists sessions – Physical Education, Art, Music, Library, and ICT – support classroom questions and guarantee that our students have a well-rounded, holistic growth.

The school’s environment:

EtonHouse International School gets located on Broadrick Road, in a peaceful, green residential area near the Geylang pedestrian connection and canal. Dakota MRT station is around a 7-10 minute walk away. The school is built in a typical four-story classroom building with various amenities to promote your child’s overall development.On our campus, you’ll find:

  • Large, well-equipped lecture halls
  • An Early Years Centre designed specifically for our youngest students
  • All elementary classes have Promethean interactive whiteboards.
  • A well-stocked library
  • Laboratory for computers (ICT)
  • Cultural classroom in China
  • Secondary and higher education Macbook 1:1 program For Years 5 and 6, bring your device.
  • Dining and school performances in a multipurpose hall
  • Art, music, physical education, and information computer technology are specialist teaching programs.
  • Room for music
  • Room for Visual Art
  • Artificial turf for sports and games
  • Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, and English as a Second Language classes are available.
  • Covered multidisciplinary games court
  • Huge recreational and sporting grounds
  • A sensory play space called The Secret Garden
  • Playground equipment with shade

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