Eunos Community Club

Eunos Community Club

Guide To Know About Eunos Community Club

Community clubs (CC) in Singapore have advanced significantly since the early days of zinc and wood structures. Many community centres today, including Eunos Community Club, serve as gathering places for recreation and occasions for social interaction in Eunos Community Club.

From Centres to Hubs

CCs were started in Singapore in the early 1950s as a British endeavour to promote community growth. The major of these tiny, straightforward buildings, known back then as community centres, provided social facilities like enrichment programmes, football fields, and outdoor movie theatres in Eunos Community Club.

The function of community centres changed after Singapore achieved self-government in 1959. They developed as focal points for local and societal development. Racial holidays, National Day, and even send-off banquets for National Servicemen observed in community centres. The people of Kampung Eunos, led by Mr. Yap Lian Teck, requested the government to construct a community centre for them during time in 1963.

Moving to a New Residence

On July 18, 1972, Kampong Eunos Community Center made its formal debut. 1989 saw announcement that the centre would relocate to a new 1,403 m2 space in a three-story structure at Bedok. The tall Minangkabau-style roof of the structure specifically created to highlight the Malay community of Eunos’ cultural history. The design framed by circular columns that complement its contemporary design.

Many community centres started serving as leisure and recreational clubs in the 1990s. Thus, community centres became community clubs. The Kampung Eunos Community Center was renamed Eunos Community Club and features a variety of amenities like a health and exercise centre, basketball court, and theatre.

A Place for Culture

Numerous cultural organisations can found at Eunos CC, including a Mandarin Toastmasters Club and Malay and Chinese dance troupes. The Eunos Chinese Opera Group is one of its notable residents (ECHO). By teaching its members to read, learn, and sing Cantonese Cantonese opera company promotes Chinese Cantonese dramatic art. Since major of its members do not speak Cantonese, romanised phonetics used to help them learn their lines.

These days, the CC frequently conducts various stimulating events like informative seminars, leisurely workshops, and cultural festivals. Community centres still strive to promote community building and give their members access to social facilities, even though their role has altered over the past few decades.

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Taekwondo (Singapore Taekwondo Federation)

Strengthening and Toning of Muscles

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Increased endurance

Taekwondo not only increases your muscle strength but also increases your stamina. You must have the endurance to continue executing kicks, blocks, and strikes for an extended amount time, while practising taekwondo. If you’re starting, you can get exhausted after the first few moves, but keep practising stamina will also improve.


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