Evergreen Primary School

by | May 23, 2022

Evergreen Primary School

Evergreen Primary School Logo

Guide to know about Evergreen Primary School

In keeping with the school’s vision of creating a vibrant school that inspires a passion for learning and purposeful living, the Evergreen Primary School prefers to create enjoyable learning experiences that will engage and empower the student, allowing pupils to be self-directed and imaginative. 

School History:

Evergreen Primary opened its doors in January 1999 with 22 classes of students ranging from Primary One to Primary Four. The school gets initially housed on two different campuses, Campus 1 and Campus 2, at Woodlands Ring Primary School and Woodlands Ring Secondary School. 

On March 22, 1999, it relocated to its current location, and on July 6, 2002, the school and its new facility get officially opened. Mrs. See Chak Wah, the school’s first principal, served from January 1999 to December 2003. Mr. Tan Kah Teo, the school’s second principal, was in charge from December 2003 to December 2009. Mrs. Rabia Shahul is the principal of Evergreen Primary School at the moment.

Distinctive Programs and Services:

In 2018, the school began the Multi-Modal Programme (MMP), which will expose pupils to 16 different modules over six years at EGPS. They will acquire various abilities, including dance, music, sports, language arts, technology, and character development. And every kid will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience at least once a year. Students can make more educated selections about what they want to do with their lives if they have more exposure. Through teamwork and collaboration, the goal is to increase students’ self-esteem and confidence while developing their social-emotional competencies.

Every Friday, TGIF allows all students to participate in one hour of free or controlled play. Students can choose from various activities based on monthly themes or play their games with their classmates in this one hour. Students can take charge of their learning through free play, and they can also develop rules among peers to ensure fair play. They can also be resourceful and offer activities to their peers that they find interesting. Through unstructured play, TGIF also provides sufficient opportunity for students to practice SEL skills.

Pupils went on Overseas Learning Journeys to learn about various cultures and connect with peers from surrounding nations to prepare them for their future roles as global citizens. A two-day, one-night excursion to Malacca will be available to all P6 pupils. When the school welcomes instructors and kids from different nations, they learn to be courteous guests

School Crest:

The school crest is shaped like a leaf and has five pieces representing the five school ideals that influence students’ and staff’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

The three leaves at the base of the crest reflect the three-part interaction between teachers, parents, and the community, which is critical for a student’s holistic development and achievement of the Desired Educational Outcomes.

The open book reflects the school’s motto of developing each individual with the intrinsic worth of learning for life and the strong character development in children.

In their search for knowledge, the computer represents the importance of digital literacy. Green is associated with youth and perpetual renewal, and yellow is associated with optimism and creativity.

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