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Fairfield Methodist Church – Education And Other Things

Metropole, also known as Jing Hwa Cinema, was previously located where Fairfield Methodist Church gets located.

It was one of the three renowned theatres in Chinatown, along with Oriental and Majestic. The structure was finished in 1958 and designed by local architect Wong Foo Nam in the Modernist movement.

The operation of the theatre ended in October 1985. After being purchased by Fairfield Methodist Church, the structure underwent renovations in 1986, adding new rooms and church furnishings such as an altar and communion rail. However, the majority of the original areas got preserved.

The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS), the biggest Protestant denomination in Singapore, was established in 1885. There are 46 churches, 15 schools, missions, and welfare organisations.

What does the ministry do?

In the areas of new believer follow-up, fundamental discipleship training, disciple-maker training, and leadership development, it supports the disciple-making process at Fairfield Methodist Church. A few of our projects are as follows: 

  • Supporting and participating in the Disciple-making Task Force (DMT).
  • Developing and putting into action church-wide discipleship initiatives, such as: 
  • To develop and equip Small Group Leaders.
  • To provide a roadmap for Christian in the church.
  • organizing and conducting “My First Steps” follow-up sessions for new converts   
  • Administrating and caring for the church library.

Roots of Mission

MCS in 1885 as a missionary project of the South India Conference under the direction of Dr. James Thoburn. The Methodist Mission and its first English-language boys’ school were established by the Rev. William F. Oldham in 1886, laying the groundwork for the organisation. The Mission – ministries in almost all local vernaculars, a medical facility, and school dormitories for foreign boys and homeless girls, in addition to two girls’ schools that started in 1887 and 1888.


The Methodist schools are the MCS’s primary focus in terms of education. There are around 21,000 students enrolled in the 14 elementary, middle, and secondary schools, junior college, and School of Music. Additionally, we have ten preschools provide a comprehensive Christian early childhood education. They have contributed significantly to Singapore’s human resource development for more than a century, and their work has recognized inside and outside the island Republic. For connections to Methodist Schools, go here.

Local Methodist churches have also founded several organizations and social outreach programs.

Initiatives to send missionaries to work locally and worldwide, like the ancient Antioch, go hand in hand with social outreach programs. Worldwide, a lot of churches – missionaries. At least seven nations in the region are the focus of missionary coordination by the Methodist Missions Society.

Missionary and social outreach

After education, the most remarkable progress in recent years has been in missionary and social outreach. Ecumenical Commitment

To increase Christian witness in a multiracial and multireligious community, MCS recognizes the need with other Christian faiths in as many ways as is practical. It belongs to Singapore’s National Council of Churches. The World Methodist Council and several other worldwide Methodist organizations connected to MCS. The financial assistance MCS provides to Trinity Theological College.

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