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Know About Faith Methodist Church In Singapore

Faith Methodist Church is a Christian congregation associated with the Methodist Church in Singapore’s Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) (MCS). It can get accessed on foot from the Commonwealth MRT station, located nearby, at 400 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149604. Faith Methodist Church is one of the 45 Methodist churches around the nation. As Pastor-in-Charge (PIC) since September 2017, Reverend Raymond Fong is currently in charge. Reverends Derrick Lau, Peter Koh, See Swee Fang, and Anthony Phua are among the pastors on his staff. Its Sunday Celebration Services at 400 Commonwealth Drive and ACJC draw an average of roughly 2200 attendees.


Faith Methodist Church was founded in 1966 as a Methodist Chapel to serve the people of Queenstown. Worship services were held outdoors and afterward in a makeshift shed before the church structure finished.

The church building that Faith Methodist Church shares with its sister Chinese Methodist Church gets finished in 1967 thanks to the efforts of founding pastor Rev. T.C. Nga and his crew. Faith Goh, the only daughter of Dr. Goh and Mrs. Goh Kok Kee, generous supporters of the church building fund, was remembered in the church’s name, which also honors God’s faithfulness throughout the entire endeavor.

As the congregation of Faith grew over time, the church’s buildings could no longer accommodate them. Thus, between 2002 and 2003, the church Edifice underwent renovation. A 1000-seat sanctuary, an 800-seat worship hall, two levels of parking, a kindergarten, a playground, a library, and a columbarium are all currently housed in the church structure. The structure also has ramps and lifts for the advantage of elderly individuals with restricted mobility.

The congregation of Faith has expanded from 38 members at its inception to about 2,500 members. Faith gets dedicated to missions and volunteer work in the community. In addition to actively participating in worldwide ministry, it established the Lakeside Family Centre, Jurong Preaching Point (now Agape Methodist Church), and FaithActs community service organization.

Prayer & Intercession

Faith’s Prayer & Intercession Ministry aspires to inspire and establish a prayer movement—a distinctive culture of fervent prayer warriors desiring God’s objectives accomplishment. They guide people in prayer in three different ways:

  • Corporate House of Prayer: this is an event for corporate church prayer.
  • House of Prayer: A more intimate location for prayer services.
  • Monthly Prayer Letters: A guide to everyday prayer. 

Pray for those in need alongside the Faith church family and offer your prayers for their restoration and healing. You could also feel God’s energizing power and presence as you pray.

Music and Worship

In Matthew 22:37–38, the Great Commandment states, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.” Faith’s Worship and Music (W&M) Ministry strives to uphold this commandment. The worshipers at Faith consider it a way of life and an expression of love for Heavenly Father for who He is and what He has accomplished.

To serve God and His people, Faith’s W&M Ministry arranges Sunday worship services with other sub-ministries to ensure that they are Spirit-led and enable people to encounter God and worship Him in spirit and truth. Choirs, singers, musicians, ushers, dancers, shofar blowers, sound crew, and projection crew are some of these sub-ministries.

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