Far East Organization Children’s Garden Waterpark


The Kids are Going to Love the New Gardens by the Bay Waterpark! 

At Gardens by the Bay, you’ll find the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, which is comprised of three distinct play spaces. The Water Play, Toddler Play and The Treehouse caters to diverse age groups as well as interest!

Zone of Water Play

Once you enter the Children’s Garden, you will discover the Water Play Zone, and it is easy to become excited and forget that there is so much more to do here! Sprouts and buckets of water dot the expansive Water Play area, and children’s yells of delight can be heard all around.

The fountains move to the rhythm of the music, which is played via speakers around the space. …and did I mention that the youngsters are always on the go, exploring the sights and sounds of the celebration!

Although the water play area is intended for children aged 6 to 12, we’ve seen smaller children having a blast there, too.

Waterfall With a Fish Feature

We’ll cover the Fish Fountain even though it’s technically in the Toddler Play area, as it’s still a water feature. The water play area has been scaled down for smaller children. The Fish Fountain is recommended for children ages 2 to 5. Instead of older kids rushing around, you will discover the smaller ones running around while splashing and laughing!

To ease your child’s fear of the Water Play’s massive fountains, you may always start them at the Fish Fountain and then transfer them to the Water Play after they’ve gotten used to it. And from what we’ve seen, it doesn’t take long at all!


There is a washing place nearby as well as toilets. You and your children may take a rest between games in the amphitheatre or on one of the many benches located around the play area. If you decide to participate, there will be lockers available for you to store your items.

In addition to the toddler section, there’s a café where you may obtain refreshments including snacks and beverages.

Opening Hours

Tuesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., the playground is open. Last admittance is at 6 pm and the Water Play section shuts at 6.30 pm.

The garden is closed on Mondays, and on Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday. Adults are only allowed in with a kid under the age of 12 in tow.

What To Bring To Far East Organisation Children’s Garden

Come along with your sunscreen, swimsuits, buckets and pails! A change of clothing, bug repellent and a mat will be essential too.

How to Get to an Organization in the Far East Children’s Garden

There are a variety of methods to travel to the Children’s Garde, and the simplest may be via the MRT. Take Exit B from Bayfront MRT station. The Children’s Garden may be found after crossing the Dragonfly Bridge. As an alternative, you can consider

If you are driving, you may park in the main carpark at Gardens by the Bay, and follow the signs to the Children’s Garden.

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