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Farrer Park Hospital is located in Farrer Park, Singapore.

Farrer Park Hospital is a private tertiary healthcare institution with a Comfort, Fairness, and Value care philosophy.

Farrer Park Hospital focuses on providing acute and clinical treatment as well as treating chronic illnesses in patients in a fast-developing environment where medical care and healthcare remain top-of-mind priorities.

FPH experts offer treatments that are integrated with medical technology, as well as services that cover a patient’s full journey, with the help of a team of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.

The hospital is conceptualized with healthcare and hospitality features that include a 20-story building, Connexion, that houses a hotel, spa, food, and retail options, and is located above the Farrer Park MRT station. It is architecturally designed to use the landscape and surroundings of Singapore’s iconic Farrer Park location, which has a rich cultural heritage.

FPH’s goal and objective are to provide value to people via holistic healthcare, hospitality, and wellness solutions.

Farrer Park Hospital (abbreviated as FPH) is a private tertiary healthcare facility in Singapore’s Farrer Park neighborhood. The hospital has a capacity of 220 beds and is located above the Farrer Park MRT station in the Connexion building. It contains four inpatient suites and 18 operating theaters, including major surgery, cardiovascular, and endoscopic suites. The Farrer Park Medical Centre, which has ten stories of apartments for over 200 medical professionals, and One Farrer Hotel are also attached to FPH.

The hospital is equipped with smart technology and is designed to be future-proof. Doctors use electronic tablets and/or phones that are connected to hospital systems, enabling them to get real-time information on their patients’ scans and test results. This also makes it easier for them to order medicine for patients who are on the road. “Every part of therapy and patient experience” is infused with technology. [4] Aside from technology, the hospital’s architecture incorporates nature and art, with over 700 curated artworks and 15 gardens positioned only steps from the inpatient rooms, allowing patients to take picturesque walks while recovering in the facility.

The hospital, which was founded to provide a new approach to medical care, is home to a variety of innovative medical technology and equipment. Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy (TUMT) to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate enlargement, and the development of pressurized intraperitoneal aerosolized chemotherapy (PIPAC) treatment for late-stage peritoneal cancer are two notable therapies.


Health Minister Gan Kim Yong officially inaugurated Farrer Park Hospital on March 16, 2016. The hospital’s plans were originally unveiled in 2008. Construction lasted from 2009 to 2014, with the first clinic opening in May 2014 at Farrer Park Medical Centre. The hospital’s other facilities opened in stages.

Physicians conceived, built, and operated the hospital, using their clinical and patient-fronting expertise to create a patient-centric and clinically effective private healthcare institution.

Unhurried, complete assessments are available at Farrer Park Hospital, giving you the best opportunity of recovering and resume your life. Our experts work together across disciplines to listen to your narrative, assess your disease from all angles, and design a diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to you. Our patients benefit from sophisticated and efficient healthcare services because of advancements in medical technology, therapies, and innovations.

Farrer Park Medical Centre is a medical facility in Farrer Park, Singapore.

The 20-story Connexion skyscraper, which links to Farrer Park Hospital, houses the Farrer Park Medical Centre (FPMC). The facility, which opened in March 2016, has ten levels of clinical suites for approximately 230 medical professionals in cardiology, cancer, orthopedics and sports medicine, gastrointestinal, general surgery, and other disciplines.

The multispecialty medical facility also provides a comprehensive continuum of treatment, including mental health, rehabilitation, and other health screening and immunization services.

To support the exceptional clinical care delivered by our campus specialists to their patients, each unit at FPMC has full access to advanced diagnostics and test screening services located within Farrer Park Hospital, including specialized imaging, laboratory, audiology, and nuclear medicine facilities. They also collaborate closely with our team of healthcare experts to assure our patients’ care, comfort, and safety.

The medical center’s ergonomic designs and contemporary facilities, like Farrer Park Hospital’s, include tranquil waiting spaces with specifically selected artworks, onsite café and eating areas, and built-in technology to assist our patients to remain connected with their families.

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