Fengshan Community Club

Fengshan Community Club

All You Need To Know About  Fengshan Community Club

District D16 is where the Fengshan Community Club is situated.  It is reachable by the nearby train stations of Tanah Merah, Bedok Reservoir MRT (DT30), and Bedok (EW5) (EW4). Red Swastika School, Fengshan Primary School, and Yu Neng Primary School are the closest elementary schools. Giant (Bedok North Road), NTUC Fairprice (Bedok North Blk 89), and Giant are close by to this property (Bedok North Street 1). East Village, Bedok Mall, and Bedok Point the shopping centres in  Fengshan Community Club.

Kinder Ballet 1

For young children between the ages of 3 and 4, Kinder Ballet 1 is a sure tried-and-true starting ballet programme. Given that young children are still unfamiliar with classical ballet, this programme explains and educates young dancers on the principles of classical ballet (technique, posture, musicality, artistry, and coordination) through fun and simple exercises. Kids’ attention throughout the 45-minute lesson will used rather than classical music in  Fengshan Community Club.

All exercises will taught in neutral posture for Kinder Ballet 1. Since children’s muscles and bones are still growing, turn-out will not introduce at this time.

Kinder Ballet 1 is also a non-examination level. Participants must go through this programme for a year. Children will be prepared and ready to transition into the Kinder Ballet 2 Program once this Program completed.

A 5-minute warm-up will precede the session in a regular 45-minute once-weekly programme to help prevent injuries. Self-choreographed exercises will introduced. Throughout instructional techniques and methodologies, demonstration and “hands-on”/verbal feedback will used. After that, the lesson will close with a 3-5 minute cool-down exercise.

Ballet (Children) – Primary

Learn the fundamental ballet movements to improve your body’s coordination and sense of rhythm. Additionally, this course promotes self-expression and instils discipline in its students.

Conditions and Notes:

  • Six years old and younger; born in 2016
  • There will be a $100 material cost for students who need to buy a set of clothes (pay directly to the trainer)

Taijiquan (Chen Style)

Traditional Chinese martial arts such as taijiquan are also good for your health. There are various styles. The oldest Taiji system in use and the one from which all others derive is Chen Style Taijiquan. Taijiquan training enhances the flow of qi, or internal energy, which has health benefits. Participants will gain knowledge of static and dynamic balance, good bodily coordination, relaxation, and mental discipline.

Elite Wushu

Individual routines for competition participation, which entails many sets of practices and choreography, will be taught to participants. Participants should anticipate engaging and varied content that makes a wide range of fighting styles, including bare-handed and weaponized ways.

Aerobics Sculpting

A muscle-toning aerobic dancing class called “aerobics sculpting” (also known as “core conditioning”) typically focuses on strengthening the core.  Exercise bands or water bottles frequently used in aerobics sculpting sessions.

Benefits Of Body Sculpting For Performance

The tone, power, and agility your muscles will improve when you strengthen your body using weights or other resistance workouts. A strength training programme will show you:

  • improved physical condition and capacity for daily tasks
  • Great range of motion and flexibility
  • enhanced balance
  • lowered risk of injury and increased joint safety
  • improved posture as bones and muscles grow stronger
  • Quicker metabolism leads to weight loss.


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