First Toa Payoh Primary School

by | May 24, 2022

First Toa Payoh Primary School

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Everything you know about the First Toa Payoh Primary School

Each of the first letters of the school’s name, FTPP, converges on a target in the School Logo. The various shades of the letters reflect the four schools that have merged to form our new school, with the letter ‘S’ in the center. The words of  First Toa Payoh Primary School  slogan, “MAKING IMPACT,” also converge on the target center to represent our commitment to achievement and greatness. The motto and school letters extend outwards from the target center, symbolizing our commitment to make a difference in the lives of not just our children but also their families, community, and beyond.

Philosophy, culture, and ethos:

FTPS (First Toa Payoh Primary School) was founded in 1968 at Lorong 1 in Toa Payoh. The school moved to its current location at Lorong 8, Toa Payoh, on January 2, 2002. Because it was the first school in Toa Payoh, it kept its unique name. Every child matters and deserves an education, according to FTPPS. We work with our key partners in our objective to help every student at First Toa Payoh Primary School reach his full potential and to realize the school vision of a caring and creative learning community dedicated to excellence.

School Mission :

To create a caring and innovative learning community that strives for excellence.

School Mission:

To bring forth the best in each youngster.


We strive to grow students to be self-directed and confident learners who are ICT savvy and can convey their thoughts and inspirations via their images through Literacy through Photography (LTP), the school’s Learning for Life Programme. LTP also aims to cultivate active participants who can cooperate and collaborate in teams during photography sessions concerned individuals who can use photography to showcase green activities and create environmental consciousness. Our student leadership development program focuses on preparing students with 21st-century skills. Our Global-Local Exchange Program seeks to offer our students a head start in widening their vision and developing the capacity to collaborate with individuals from various cultures.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs):

Physical Sports

  • Basketball
  • Football

Uniformed Groups:

  • Boys’ Brigade
  • Brownies
  • Girls’ Brigade
  • Scouts

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Choir

School Procedures:

Flag-Raising Ceremony in the School:

By 7.15 a.m., all students should be seated in the Parade Square or the hall, and the ceremony will begin precisely at 7.25 a.m. Please note that all students attend the flag-raising and pledge-taking event.

Early school dismissal:

If parents/guardians need to take their children home due to illness or other urgent concerns, they must request permission from the Principal, Vice-Principal, or instructors.Parents/guardians must sign the ‘Student Leaving School Early’ book.


This guidebook allows parents to speak with instructors about their children’s learning and behavior.

The desired education results:

Our students will develop into confident people with a strong sense of right and wrong, adaptable and resilient, discerning judgment, thinking independently and critically, and communicating effectively. A self-directed learner who takes responsibility for their learning, questions, reflects and perseveres in education. An active contributor who can work effectively in teams exercises initiative and takes calculated risks.

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