The Free Christian Church of Singapore

The Free Christian Church of Singapore

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A varied group of people and families congregate at the Free Community Chruch to worship and develop as a Christian community. We want a thinking-mind relationship with the Bible and a thriving heart relationship with God. We put more faith in the wisdom of a great and loving God, who is wiser than we are than we do in simple solutions to life’s tough challenges. We want to encourage Christ-centered neighborhoods so residents can grow their modern religion. The Free Christian Church of Singapore holds that when same-sex relationships and transgender relationships get conducted by Jesus’ compassionate teachings, they are compatible with Christian doctrine. Indeed, we find homophobia, fear of diversity, and discrimination based on unfavorable opinions of others to be incompatible with Christian teachings.

Board of directors:

The Board is in charge of all issues relating to the legal organization, incorporation, or registration of the church, church property, risk management, and the physical and financial affairs of The Free Christian Church of Singapore, including the formulation of corporate strategies, the execution and management of corporate plans, and all other corporate matters. The Board is also responsible for procuring and allocating monies, keeping adequate church records, and presenting timely reports to Members and, as necessary by law, the authorized authorities.

  • Gary Chan – chairperson
  • Shawn Lee -Board member
  • Jaime Low – Board member

Church Council:

The purpose of the FCCs Council is to collaborate with the Executive Pastors to choose the short- and long-term goals for the future to identify the spiritual and theological direction of the church as a whole. It includes offering feedback on sermon series, themes, and special services defining who we are as a church and how our activities may help us get there. The Council will also assist in directing pastoral care for the survival and well-being of our ministries.

Community life:

  • Pay attention to God’s presence in the world and listen for God’s Word, which comes from daily prayer, meditation, and study of the historic testimony known as Scripture.
  • Honor the God whose glory gets seen in everything of God’s creation and whose spirit permeates everything.
  • Showcase our love through authentic, original, vibrant, and creative worship.
  • The core of our motto, “First Realise Everyone’s Equal,” is to engage people authentically and acknowledge the inherent value of every human being, as Jesus did. 
  • Stand out for the oppressed, the misunderstood, the hurting, and the disadvantaged like Jesus did bring peace and justice on earth.
  • Walk humbly with God, admitting our faults while sincerely attempting to comprehend and bring out the best in others, especially those who regard us as their enemies.
  • Create your life around the conviction that everything gets renewed in Christ and that you and everyone else are unconditionally loved.
  • Taking care of our bodies, we must insist on making time for the advantages of prayer, thought, worship, and recreation.


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