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For over 50 years, IFS has welcomed students. Our narrative begins with a desire to teach a small group of French expatriates who had recently arrived in Singapore and continues today as a dynamic and multicultural international school. Our students now come from all over the world and learn from one another daily. The Petite École française de Singapour get founded by the French Parents Association with only 15 students. As the school grows, the 6ème class gets established. The name changes to École Française de Singapour in 1976, no longer a “petite” school. Our first Terminale students began taking their Baccalauréat examinations in 1986. The French School of Singapore (Lycée Français de Singapour) (LFS) will become the Worldwide French School in 2020, reflecting the school’s global culture and student variety.

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The French International School get founded in 1967. The French Parents Association founded the Petite École française de Singapour with only 15 students.

Extracurricular activities:

Extracurricular activities are an essential part of student study and life at French School of Singapore (Lycée Français de Singapour) (LFS). They supplement classroom instruction by providing children with opportunities to learn via athletics, the arts, and culture while encouraging teamwork. Our students may participate in over sixty activities in French or English, all of which get overseen by expert coaches. There are several options. Students can sign up for sports, cultural, artistic, educational activities, and language seminars starting in Maternelle . Students can use these activities to find and develop their abilities and hobbies, whether athletic, intellectual, or artistic. These activities bring our students together through forging a link that serves as the foundation for the school’s culture and the IFS community’s diversity and greatness.

Physical education and sports play an essential role at IFS in meeting various educational and academic demands.The French National Curriculum has created an IFS education to be broad and balanced, encouraging academic and physical growth in your child. Leadership attributes like resilience and drive are developed via social, emotional, and aim to generate. IFS promotes personal fulfillment by giving opportunities for socialization and unity via sports education. Following the rules for oneself and others. At IFS, we value the development of team spirit among our athletic teams and students in general. It helps students learn about citizenship and responsibility.All students have an equal chance to integrate into the IFS student community through participating in sports education. Students learn about healthy lifestyle choices and healthy living while learning about and challenging their physical talents.The complexity and difficulty level of learning in sports education grows gradually during a student’s tenure at IFS. The following are essential features of EPS:

  • Learning how to take care of your health through frequent exercise
  • Getting to know a growing physical and artistic sports culture
  • Learning to express oneself with your body and developing motor skills are becoming increasingly important.
  • Familiar with working tools and methods by practicing sport sharing rules and taking on roles and responsibilities within a team, how to look after your health through regular physical activity
  • obtaining new learning approaches and techniques via sports

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