Fuchun Community Club

Fuchun Community Club

Want To Know About  Fuchun Community Club?

The magnificent garden, pavilion, and pond in the centre of the Fuchun CC, which is close to the Marsiling MRT station, draws visitors. You can learn how to make your family delectable pies, cakes, and cookies at Fuchun Community Club. Additionally, you can pick up the fundamentals of magic tricks, balloon twisting, and hair trimming. The Marsiling Chinese Orchestra (MCO) the CC promotes young people’s appreciation of traditional Chinese music. There is 120 young talent there, five of them Malaysian.

Reading and Phonics for Students

The goal course is to improve the students’ recognition of phonics (alphabet sounds) and their ability to link those sounds to words and phrases. Students will learn the fundamentals of acoustics while also receiving instruction on how to read passages and stories in Fuchun Community Club.

English Essay / Student Creative Writing

This course teaches students how to communicate effectively in English and how to do so in a creative way. The application of fundamental writing skills with a creative mind will taught to students as they guided through various writing assignments.

Oil Painting

Oil paintings are a common medium because they are adaptable, expressive, and forgiving. Creating more realistic paintings is made possible by gradual drying. The materials used in oil painting will introduced to the participants. They will learn how to use this medium to sketch on canvas well.

Conditions and Notes:

New starters are accepted if you’re 12 years or older.

All the information you need about oil painting, including still life, portrait, and nature/landscape paintings! Other painting styles covered at this elemental level include pointillism and brush painting.

Original Bento Art (Parent-Child)

Look for novel approaches to encourage your kids to consume all of their vegetables. Attempt a cartoon bento! You don’t want to skip this exciting and entertaining activity with a kid. You can start learning how to make delicious Kyaraben bento art boxes for your kids with an introduction to basic techniques for working with Japanese rice and basic materials!

Conditions and Notes:

  • Workshop for parents and children
  • Register under your parent’s name; there is a fair cost.
  • National Day bento showcasing Singapore’s mascot, The Merlion, in the country’s beautiful city
  • five to twelve years old
  • Cost per ingredient: $30 per pair

Bollywood Dance For Children

Bollywood dance incorporates aspects of jazz, salsa, hip hop, modern dance, and classical Indian dance in its fusion of east and western dance forms. It draws inspiration from the Hollywood film business. Participants will learn the fundamental footwork, hand motions, and Bollywood song choreography engaging lesson. Each class will begin with a warm-up and some stretching, then teach using coordinated dance moves.

Activity Room

 Setting up an appropriate ambience in the activity area helps draw kids in and makes the activity even more enjoyable.

Better Communication:

 As a result of the activities students choose to participate in, they become more involved. This involvement improves communication with teachers as well as between peer groups.

Develop skills:

The correct activity can increase kids’ involvement in activities that later help them hone their creative task-related skills.

Active Learners:

Through various engagement activities, students can become active learners. As a result, children can learn to have these stimulating conversations since ideas exchanged and communications are enhanced.

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