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Gali Batu Bus Terminal

Gali Batu Bus Terminal Interior

Gali Batu Bus Terminal: All About Location And Construction

Gali Batu MRT Depot is a railway station in Singapore located off Woodlands Road. With the ability to stabilise up to 42 trains, it offers maintenance services for the Downtown line of the Mass Rapid Transit system.

The first above-grade MRT depot in Singapore to service an underground MRT line, a 25-acre at-grade depot, began construction in December 2008 and was inaugurated on December 27, 2015. The 1,957 burials on a section of the Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery had to get unearthed as part of the construction.

The Gali Batu Bus Terminal has two receiving tracks and is close to Bukit Panjang station on the Downtown Line tracks.

Two heading in the direction of Bukit Panjang station bus depot named Gali Batu Bus Depot – currently under development and may get found on Jalan Gali Batu. It gets anticipated to be finished and delivered in February 2023.Gali Batu Bus Terminal Overpass


After Sengkang West Bus Depot, Gali Batu Bus Terminal is the sixth bus depot that LTA has created and funded. It is also the second multi-story bus depot that LTA has ordered (not counting East Coast Integrated Depot). The depot gets designed to handle more buses when they get added over time due to the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) and Bus Contracting Model, which enhances total bus capacity (BCM).

The depot will be erected close to the Downtown Line’s Gali Batu MRT Depot, near the Kranji Expressway, and will get built east of the present depot stabling area-cum-bus terminus.

Location of Gali Batu Bus Depot

The acceptance of amendments to the URA Masterplan 2014 in August 2017 verified the placement of Gali Batu Bus Depot. The six-story multi-story depot will be furnished with parking spaces, washrooms and facilities for refueling, shops for repairs and maintenance, and offices to support regular bus operations.

According to LTA’s updated data from August 2021, the project will be finished in 2024 and have a capacity of “around 500 buses.”

Although it is not yet official, the bus package designated for Gali Batu Bus Depot will probably be assigned to the Choa Chu Kang-Bukit Panjang Bus Package and serve as a substitute for Kranji Bus Depot. The depot gets expected to get – finished in 2024 (excluding delays brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic and Greatearth’s insolvency), and the route package is due for contract renewal in 2023.

When finished, get Singapore’s fourth multi-story bus depot, following Sengkang West Bus Depot, Soon Lee Bus Depot, and Woodlands Bus .Gali Batu Bus Terminal SideWalk 


Contract DE142 for Proposed Multi-Storey Gali Batu Bus Depot was made public on October 22, 2018, and Greatearth Corporation Pte. Ltd. – Gamuda Berhad Singapore Branch Joint Venture received the 260 million USD award on November 12, 2019.

The COVID-19 outbreak caused the local construction firm Greatearth to fail in August 2021. The Malaysian infrastructure company Gamuda’s Singapore branch, Gamuda Berhad Singapore, and the LTA’s joint venture partner were – in talks on how to “maintain project continuity and minimise the influence on the deadline for completion. The depot was only around 15% built and was supposed to get finished in 2024.

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