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Three bus stops separate Gek Poh Ville CC from Boon Lay Interchange and the Gek Poh Shopping Centre. You’ll have a lot of options with the variety of activities, classes, and facilities available. Courses in Pop Guitar, Ballet, Guzheng, Piano, Mandarin Speech & Drama, and Ballroom Latin Dance for kids will help you improve your musical and performing abilities in Gek Poh Ville Community Club.

Cakemaking, SkillsFuture@PA (Elementary)

A selection of cookies, cakes, and pies will make available for participants to prepare.

Conditions and Notes:

It is an interactive lesson. Class fee only; ingredients fee not included. Ingredients bills $10–$18 for each class. During the lesson, pay the trainer immediately. You can submit claims via the App if you’re a Singaporean who is 25 years of age or older and would like to utilise your SkillsFuture credits to pay for the course tuition in Gek Poh Ville Community Club

Course material

  • Chocolate Walnut Cake
  •  Mayonnaise Flossy Cake
  • Cheese Coin
  • Ginger Butter Cake
  • Mixed Fruit Cup Cake
  • Apple Crumbles Pie
  • Orange Cheese Tart
  • Wonderful Strawberries Fresh Cream Cake

Customary Ayam Percik (Charcoal Smoked Chicken)

The famous pasar malam merchants charcoal-grilled authentic Kelantanese chicken. This training, which is hard to come by because of how muddy, will teach participants how to quench their yearning for nostalgia by creating Ayam Percik at home!Only in demonstration classes

Using a mental abacus (Advance Stage 2)

Participants will learn how to perform more challenging sums using the abacus and “Mental Abacus.” The course syllabus will modified by the performance and standard of the class. The Basic level must have attended by participants.

Elementary Korean Language SkillsFuture@PA (Stage I)

With the help of this course, students will learn the Korean alphabet, learn to read and write Korean and be able to have brief conversations in the language.

Conditions and Notes:

$20 material fee (pay to the trainer directly)

Singaporeans over age 25 may pay for the course using an app using their SkillsFuture credits.

Social Dance (Adult) – Elementary

The Cha-Cha, Disco Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Waltz will all cover in this Adult Social Dance Elementary course. Participants will gain knowledge of beat and bar counting, rhythm, time, tempo, accents, and phrasing.

Recreational Folk Dance (Elementary)

Through dance, you may improve your flexibility, balance, and gait! Specially choreographed and modified versions of a range dances used in recreational folk dancing. It combines traditional folk dances from different ethnic cultures around the globe. Join us to get moving and learn about many cultures through the art of dancing.


Traditional martial art and workout that promotes good health, taijiquan is a product of ancient China. The unification of internal energy (qi), continuous movement, centring, rootedness, and calm awareness are all principles of Taijiquan and encompass a wide range of diverse styles. Taijiquan not only improves health but also cultivates spirituality and gives the student skills in self-defence.

Lowrey Piano (Grade 1)

Teachers from Lowrey Music School are leading this course for first graders. On a one-on-one basis, participants will learn how to play the piano. The curriculum used in the syllabus taken from Lowrey’s and the ABRSM. Highlights: 

  • Ability to read music from lead sheets and grand scores
  • Knowledge of music theory and rudiments 
  • Sound sense of rhythm and musical expression

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