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All you need to know about the GEMS World Academy 

At XCL World Academy, the International Baccalaureate (IB) and other learning frameworks get employed to create a continuum of learning. The IB aspires to progress pupils via the traits of a specific learner profile, which get inspired by a distinctive mission statement centered on lifelong learning.Students benefit from the IB curriculum because it develops critical thinking abilities, fosters curiosity, and improves their capacity to tackle complicated issues. With regular, cohesive instructional experiences, students go through personal and intellectual development.GEMS World Academy (Singapore) has changed its name to XCL World Academy. Our teachers and staff get dedicated to the academic and self-growth of each student.

Meta description:

GEMS World Academy was founded in 2014 in Singapore by GEMS Education, a Dubai-based private education conglomerate controlled by CVC Capital Partners.


We create a sports learning atmosphere at XCL World Academy that inspires students to reach new heights. We provide chances for students to engage at all levels, allowing them to improve their abilities and knowledge while pursuing even greater performance goals. GEMS World Academy (Singapore) students receive at least two PE classes each week and have access to a wide range of extracurricular sports activities, both competitive and recreational. Students of various ability levels can participate in a variety of clubs.

Sports Teams:

Students have the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sports teams in the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools tournament during the academic year. Football, basketball, cross-country running, rugby, track & field, netball, and swimming are among the competitive sports students can participate in or compete in age and gender divisions.


A Home For Global Learners:

In addition to academic disciplines, XCL World Academy offers a customized and well-rounded global education that includes the arts, music, theatre, design, new technology, and sport.

Ib Programme Overview:

If you’re familiar with the benefits of the IB program, you’re aware of the significant influence it can have on a child’s attitude. Approach to life, not only in terms of academic or university achievement.If you’re new to the IB program, you might be shocked to realize that teaching students how to study is as important as telling them what to learn.

  • Primary School Program
  • Middle School Program
  • Certificate Program
  • Career Development Program

Extracurricular activities:

We think that all of our children should give every opportunity to find topics and activities and then be permitted to follow those interests in a safe learning environment.Our objective is to provide a well-balanced ECA curriculum that helps your kid grow as a person, learn new skills, and find new interests. These ECAs are free of charge and run by our exceptional academic members.In addition, as part of our Enrichment Program, we charge a fee for different activities.Types of activities:

  • 3D Design SketchUp
  • Art Club
  • Art Smart
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Chess Club
  • Dance Club
  • Debate Club
  • Environmental Action Council
  • Fitness Fridays
  • Football
  • XCL World Academy Strings
  • XCL World Academy Voices
  • Hack Club
  • Maker Space
  • Monday Yoga
  • Mock United Nations
  • Robotics
  • Rock Band
  • Student Council
  • SY Production
  • TED Talk
  • World Scholars
  • The Medieval World
  • Journalism Club
  • EAL Work Hour

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