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Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal Singapore

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal: Refer them For Your Next Travel

Outside of the former Blk 9 of Ghim Moh Road is where you’ll find Ghim Moh Bus Terminal. The modest Ghim Moh housing area gets served by this terminal, one of only a few roadside bus stations in Singapore. Ulu Pandan Community Centre and Blk 20 Market & Hawker Centre are two nearby facilities.

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal anchor operator at the moment is SBS Transit. The future operator of the Clementi Bus Package will take over as the anchor operator of this terminal with the implementation of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM).

Historical Context

Roadside terminals were widely used, notably in the 1970s, before bus lines got combined to run to and from large interchanges. Ghim Moh Bus Terminal followed suit and debuted in the late 1970s alongside the Ghim Moh Estate construction. The terminal and Blocks 9 and 10 were close.

When the previous bus terminal gets turned into a parking lot in 1986, the bus terminal was moved to a bus bay outside of Block 9 on Ghim Moh Road. Buses entering from Commonwealth Avenue West utilise a turnabout at one of the car park gates that was closed up. Also close to, directly across from a trash-collecting area, was an alighting bay. Ghim Moh never had a permanent terminal built because of the lack of land.Ghim Moh Bus Terminal Departure

The station:

The bus stop in front of Block 9 is where buses stop and pick up passengers. To allow customers to continue their journey beyond the bus terminal without getting off or changing buses, Service 92 and 92M additionally offer jump bus (also known as “slow,” crew layover without bus) service at this terminal.

The HDB launched the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) for the east of Ghim Moh Terminal situated in Blocks 9, 9A, 10, 11, and 12 in December 2006. Early in 2012, these HDB apartments were demolished, which resulted in fewer people using the bus terminus.

Future Terminal Relocation

The proposed new building of a single-story temporary bus terminal MK04 on Lot 03354A PT, 04048L PT, 06215X PT, 06243A PT, and 98584C PT at Ghim Moh Road received approval from the Building and Construction Authority in June 2021. (Project Reference No. E3889-00002-2019-BP02). The maximum extent of the five land lots shown in yellow on the accompanying diagrams; the actual terminal not anticipated to encompass the whole – of these land lots.

The Ministry of Education Headquarters (Mount Sinai) parking lot gets now located on these lots at 53 Mount Sinai Road. Additionally, in May 2021, a bus station outside Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre received planning clearance; this stop gets anticipated to take the place of Ghim Moh Ter’s alighting bus terminal.

One of the few remaining roadside bus terminals in Singapore that have been in – use since the 1970s is the modest Ghim Moh Bus Terminal, along Ghim Moh Road in front of Block 9. Buses lined up on one side of the two-lane road, serving four routes (92, 100, 111, and 563), and using a tiny road inside the bus park to perform challenging three-point turns. Instead of the typical bus stop along the – passengers can board the bus while – it gets waiting at the bus park.

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