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Grace Assembly of God

Grace Assembly of God inside

Guide to know about the Grace Assembly of God

In 1950, missionaries Valence and Lula Baird decided to start a mission in 50 Odin Square, a newly built one-story terrace shophouse constructed by Singapore Improvement Trust off Alexandra Road. A Bible Study and Prayer Meeting was started as a midweek program as more and more adults in the neighborhood expressed interest. There were roughly thirty people there by the end of 1951, including adults, teenagers, and little children. The Ecclesia Bible Institute’s principal suggested Sister Lau To Chan in June 1952 to take the position of the Bairds who had to take a leave of absence. Sister Lau’s commitment, toil, and numerous visits to hospitals and nursing homes laid a solid foundation in the Chinese community. Grace Assembly of God gets formed under God’s provision. Early in October 2015, the congregation relocated back to the brand-new structure. Pastor Calvin handed the reins to Rev. Dr. Wilson Teo on December 31, 2019, and Teo has served as Grace Assembly’s Senior Pastor ever since.


Rev. Dr. Wilson Teo, a pastor get ordained by the Assemblies of God in Singapore, began serving at Grace Assembly of God on March 11 as an Executive Pastor before being formally installed as the congregation’s Senior Pastor on December 31. He earned his Doctor of Education, Master of Divinity, and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degrees. Additionally, Rev Teo has a certificate in organizational leadership from a post-doctoral study. Rev. Teo has held the positions of Executive Pastor, Deputy Senior Pastor, and President of TCA College in Singapore. Evelyn and Rev Teo get wed for twenty years. 

Church Services:

People of all ages from over the country of Gracia attend the church’s more than 25 services a week, held in various languages. Filipino, English-speaking, Chinese, young adults, and young professionals are among the congregations served by these services. 3 to 10-year-olds get provided. Over a given weekend, Grace Assembly typically draws over 4,800 visitors.

Grace Discipleship Framework:

The Great Commission is about making disciples, and at Grace Assembly, we describe discipleship as “the process of becoming like Jesus Christ in every area of one’s being.” We have created the Grace Discipleship Framework to raise Missional Disciples who are Disciple-Makers by creating a Discipleship Culture that serves the entire church (GDF).

Following that, this GDF gets resourced by the Grace Discipleship Institute (GDI) through three equipping tracks:

  1. The Disciple-Maker Track
  2. The Life-Stage Track
  3. The Leadership Track

Grace Community Missions:

Grace Groups offer Gracias a specific where you can grow spiritually in your relationship with God with the aid of a close-knit community of like-minded people. By becoming a member of a Grace Group, individuals can worship, socialize, share the gospel, and receive the training necessary to engage their surroundings and make a difference for Christ. There is a Grace Group close to you no matter where you live or work because they get spread out around the island.

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