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Know All About Hakka Methodist Church

The Hakka Methodist Church in Singapore is a place of worship on Evelyn Road. Hakka Methodist Church is a welcoming congregation of Christians with something to offer everyone, whether you’re seeking a new home or want to discover more about the love of Christ. Join them for a service this weekend. 

The tone is laid-back, and the messages apply to your daily life. Every week, the Hakka Methodist Church helps you develop a closer connection with God by placing a Strong emphasis on putting God’s Word into practice. They offer services and ministries that are carefully customized to each family member, from young people to working adults, children to the elderly. There are numerous ways to get involved because they host cell groups, mission trips, and special events all year.


Here you know the history of Hakka Methodist Church.

The earliest phase of ministry among Chinese immigrants in Singapore, starting in1885, was concentrated in the area of Telok Ayer Street, especially among the Hokkiens. As a result, the first Chinese Methodist Church gets built at Telok Ayer Street.

Anglo-Chinese School and Chinese Girl’s School get founded, allowing for higher excursions into the Chinese population (later Fairfield). Later, other groups, such as the Foochow, Hinghwa, and Hakka, started their ministries and built churches in their dialects to serve immigrants from China, Malaya, and other countries.

One of the churches founded to serve the Hakka community was the Hakka Methodist Church, as its name suggests. The Hakka Methodist Church was first recognized as a local conference in 1949, although its origins date back to 1911 when a Singapore Hakka Church gathered in Sung Long San close to a Hakka graveyard (Holland Road).

The 1,000-pound aluminum cross, installed in 1966 with the assistance of two RAF helicopters, still serves as a symbol of the Hakka Methodist Church’s steadfast growth today. The church continues its effort to engage with the Hakka community and lead everyone to Jesus Christ by upholding the cross of Christ.


Hakka Service

At its core, the Hakka Ministry is the vocation and ministry with which God has blessed us. The heart has always been for Singapore’s Hakka population, conducting the only service entirely in the Hakka language.

The number of Hakka individuals who can still speak the Hakka dialect has drastically decreased recently. 

Chinese Service

Since they are a small, family-centered church, they feel that the Chinese service accurately reflects these characteristics. The Chinese ministry is still working to share the gospel with Chinese-speaking people using traditional and modern methods of worship, teaching, and fellowship, despite the country’s constantly changing society and culture. 

English Service

The English congregation hopes that everyone who worships with them will grow spiritually, fall more deeply in love with Christ, and get pushed to be a loyal disciple of Christ in all facets of life.

Youth Service

The main focus of youth ministry has always been and will continue to be the spiritual development and general welfare of the church’s young people. The only way they can handle the numerous difficulties and pressures they confront as teenagers are through a solid, god-fearing connection with God. 

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