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All You Need To Know About Hong Kah North Community Club

Five minutes walk from Bukit Gombak MRT station, Hong Kah North CC is a centre of activity and provides people with various socio-cultural, educational, self-developmental, and sporting activities. Join one of the 29 interest groups offered by the CC to meet others who have similar interests to yours, such as the Live Band, Toastmasters Club, HKN Chinese Orchestra, Table Tennis, Folk Dance & Line Dance Club, MAEC Keroncong, and Pickleball.

The Hong Kah North Community Club offers a wide range of activities, including popular Nonya and Malay cooking workshops in addition to Salsa, Ballroom, Folk, Hip-Hop, Retro, and Line Dances, Inline Skating, Pilates, and Hatha Yoga. Additionally, CC hosts workshops cover the essentials of launching a home-based business.

Wushu House Martial Arts for Intermediate

Wushu has developed into a type of healthy competition sport the promotion of a healthy way of life. Wushu sports help to enhance the mind, perseverance, and endurance as well as the body’s development, strength, and agility. They also help improve one’s body, mind, and soul in Hong Kah North Community Club.

Participants will begin their training at Martial House Wushu with the foundational training of wushu fundamentals, which includes learning various wushu stances techniques delivering blows and kicks and presenting routines. This foundational training using a systematic belting system integrated training programme enables participants to learn the skills gradually.

ABT and yoga (Abdomen, Butts, Thighs)

Yoga postures that concentrate on strengthening, toning, and sculpting these three parts of body used to target the abdominals, butt, and thigh in ABT. Participants must bring their dumbbells, yoga mats, and other necessary equipment to class when practising yoga for ABT.

Yin Yoga

A calm practice yin yoga. From one to five minutes can be spent in a posture. In contrast to more energetic asana practice, yin yoga focuses on the connective tissues and bone joints. Yin yoga complements the dynamic and muscular (yang) kinds of yoga and emphasize internal heat extending and contracting our muscles. It is suitable for students of practically all skill levels. The connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine are typically the focus of yin yoga.

Exercise affects yin and yang tissues quite differently. To understand what Yin Yoga is all about, one must practise.

Line Dancing (Adult)

Modern line dancing got going in the 1970s. In the 1980s, line dancing gained popularity in the United States and Canada. It has practically reached every English-speaking nation by the early 1990s. It had already begun to take off in non-English-speaking countries by the late 1990s.

This course will teach you how to: 

(a) Country line dance while listening to country music.

(b) Follow the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Pasodoble, and Jive in a Latin line dance;

(c) American line, which combines elements of Latin and Country Line Dance, Disco Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Mambo, Waltz, and Tango social dance moves.

Recreational Karaoke Dialect Singing (Hokkien)

In this workshop, participants study singing methods. They learn how to read basic musical notation as a result. They discover that the dialect song approach and teaching strategies differ from those used in other vocal classes. Chinese musical instruments like the Erhu and Yangqin use in the course needed to provide background music for the songs.


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