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What is Hong Lim Park’s Recreational Connectivity?

Hong Lim Park is a tiny park in Singapore’s Chinatown district that was one of the city’s sole parks until the 1970s. This park was one of Singapore’s first public parks, named after a well-known Chinese trader who bought the land in 1876. It has a long history with local politics and was one of the locations for numerous political rallies in the 1950s and 1960s. The park has also functioned as a cricket ground for the Singapore Cricket Club and a popular venue for Chinese operas. However, it gets now utilized for community activities. Speakers Corner is Singapore’s first and only outdoor place where any Singaporean may express themselves in public without requiring a police license ( a common requirement in the rest of the country). It is a notable feature of Hong Lim Park that get meant to allow for more space for freedom of expression though you must still register with the National Parks first.

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The park gets initially named for Thomas Dunman, the first Superintendent of Police. The park’s name gets changed to Hong Lim Green in 1876.

Hong Lim Park Fountain

Recreational Connectivity:

Island-wide Routes:
In Singapore, we’ve created several island-wide routes, including park connections, trails, and footpaths that allow you to explore outdoor destinations and walk or cycle long distances in natural surroundings. The Hong Lim Park Connector Network gets supplemented by these routes (PCN).

Park Connector Network:
Singapore’s Park Connector Network (PCN) is an island-wide network of linear green corridors connecting important parks and wildlife areas. With more than 300 kilometers of trails, the PCN offers various green recreational options, improves access to natural places around the island for enthusiastic outdoor lovers, and improves the biological connection between natural ecosystems. You may park hop while participating in various fun and recreational activities thanks to a vast interconnected network of park connections. Feel the fresh wind as you travel along the roads, scenic rivers, and canals that connect Singapore’s parks.

Hong Lim Park Field

Coast-to-Coast Trail:
From Jurong Lake Gardens in the west to Lornie Nature Corridor in the middle and Coney Island Park in the northeast, the 36-kilometer C2C Trail (Central) runs. It transports travelers to various parks, ecological regions, and historical sites. The Trail gets complemented by the C2C smartphone app, which combines interactive augmented reality (AR) capabilities to provide users with a tailored walking experience and a DIY trail guide.

Round Island Route:
The Round Island Route (RIR) is a 150-kilometer park link that circles Singapore. It will function in conjunction with the current Park Connector Network to connect existing natural, cultural, and recreational areas and communities. Recreational activities such as cycling, skating, running, and hiking will be available. It also forms the island’s long recreational link, encircling Singapore to the east.

Hong Lim Park Bench

Rail Corridor:
At the turn of the twentieth century, the Rail Corridor was a railway line that connected Singapore to the rest of the Malay Peninsula for commuting and freight travel. With the restoration of railway property to Singapore in 2011, the Rail Corridor provides a chance for communities to create new memories together as a continuous open space across the heart of the city.

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