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by | May 25, 2022

Horizon Primary School

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Do You Know How Horizon Primary School Develops Students?

Horizon Primary School (HRPS) believes that every child can be a leader and emphasises never-ending growth, transformation, and learning. Mrs Janet Ang, the founding Principal, led a team of 13 pioneer personnel to welcome our first 125 children from Primary 1 to Primary 4 on Jan 4 2010. The pioneers created the groundwork for student-centred, values-driven Education and the Horizon spirit during the school’s early stages of development. On the auspicious date of Oct 4 2012, the Horizon Primary School launched Mr Heng Swee Keat, the then-Minister of Education.

Student Leadership Development on a Scale

Every student is given a class leadership role at this level. Form teachers, in collaboration with subject teachers, assess their students’ leadership potential using the Personal Qualities (PQ), assisting students in developing their leadership skills at three levels:

  • Level1: Self-leadership is the first level.
  • Level 2: Accountable Manager
  • Level 3: Well-liked and respected leader

Our school’s goal is to help each student develop into a confident and self-directed learner. The Personal Qualities for Holistic Development Profile of students at  Horizon Primary School based on the 7 Habits. The student community students who have demonstrated excellent leadership traits recognise student leaders. Before going on their mission, these student leaders receive multiple pieces of training in the 7 Habits and leadership skills.

Computational Thinking

Every school system that aspires to prepare its citizens for a productive life in the twenty-first century must include mathematics as a core component. Support innovation- and technology-driven economy, developing a highly skilled and educated workforce is vital for the country. Computational Thinking in Mathematics at Horizon Primary School helps kids build computational thinking skills, collaborative skills and dispositions like confidence and resilience through age-appropriate coding courses. We want pupils to gain these 21st-century skills during their primary school year. The Framework for Computational Thinking in Mathematics directs the development of computational thinking pedagogy and curriculum.


Our pupils’ cognitive development necessitates the teaching and acquiring of knowledge and thinking abilities. Horizon Primary School provides a joyful learning environment in kids can engage in various authentic learning experiences, age-appropriate assignments, and opportunities to cooperate and work with their peers. For example, when learning about diversity in Science, the school offers a Leaders’ Trail @ Horizon, where students may have hands-on experience exploring flora and fauna in the eco-garden. Another example is incorporating Scratch, a block-based coding application, with the study of “Angles” in Math to help pupils improve their problem-solving abilities and logical reasoning.


Horizon Primary School helps our kids grow socially by teaching them social skills and improving their capacity to interact with others. Students taught about their duties in society and Singapore’s place globe to instil the Singapore Spirit in them. Our pupils learn to engage and socialise with others through CCAs such as the Scouts. The integration National Education within the school curriculum Internationalisation@Horizon programme gives our children a better understanding of Singapore and creates a stronger sense of belonging.

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