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Everything You Need To Know About  Hougang Community Club

Community Clubs (CCs) are gathering places where people of all races can mingle, make friends, and foster social ties in Hougang Community Club. By offering pertinent information and obtaining comments on national issues and policies, CCs also serve as a conduit between citizens and the government. Around 15,000 households, an average of 50,000 people do each CC.

Learn Florist Skills at SkillsFuture@PA

Florists are involved in life’s important events, including birthdays, marriage proposals, and anniversaries in Hougang Community Club. The list is not all-inclusive; flowers are present at almost all celebrations. Participants in this course will acquire some of the core skills needed to work as a florist. Among these foundations is learning to recognise and pick from the most prevalent species of flowers used in the trade. Discover how to prepare and preserve flowers before using them. Discover some of the primary flower designs used in the field.

Ballroom Modern (Adult)

The instructors of this Ballroom Modern (Adults) Elementary course hold professional training credentials. Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Viennese Waltz (Quick Waltz), and Waltz are all included. Participants will learn to align their feet, make turns, rise and fall, and sway.

Taekwondo (Singapore Taekwondo Federation)

In Korea, taekwondo first appeared. It is the art of kicking, striking, and unarmed warfare and frequently translated as “the method of the hand and foot.” The martial art places a high value on mental focus and emotional composure. Participants should be aware of various taekwondo schools or systems’ set regulations, grading tests, and competitions. There isn’t a standard system that enables seamless transitions from one class operating under one system to another.

Elementary Balloon Sculpting

In recent years, balloon sculpture has grown in popularity in Singapore. Balloons sculpted into various forms and sizes, including dogs, bears, flowers, hearts characters, and other unique sculptures. They are a must-have for event giveaways and kid’s parties. It’s a keepsake to bring home. It’s a common belief that balloons are a child’s best friend. People have no prior balloon-twisting expertise but are curious to discover the fun of balloon sculpting and feel accomplishment with their finished products’ basic balloon-sculpting lesson design for them. After each course, students will have completed two simple sculptures.

Participants should bring the following items for the lesson:

  • Scissor
  • the colour black
  • To keep the sculptures in plastic bags.

SkillsFuture@PA Plant-based NutriMeals and Whole Food Nutrition (Online)

This course combines nutrition and cooking. Participants will learn how to create a plant-based NutriMeal and incorporate their knowledge of whole food nutrition into their regular diets (one nutritious meal). Participants are interested in offering caregiving services, such as home care, child care, senior citizen day care, or catering vegetarian meals, are also targeted by this course.

Module 1 of the SkillsFuture@PA Unisex Hair Cutting Course

Your identity and personal style define your hairstyle. While learning practical haircutting skills, learn everything there is to know about face forms, appropriate hairstyles, and the rationale behind angles and lines. If you’re interested in picking up some fundamental haircutting techniques, this course is certainly for you.

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