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Everything you need to know about the Hougang Mall

Hougang Mall Facade

Hougang Mall, originally NTUC Hougang Mall, is a suburban shopping center in Hougang, Singapore. The Hougang MRT station and Hougang Central Bus Interchange are both nearby. A portion of the second level, formerly held by NTUC FairPrice, was converted into a food cluster as part of the mall’s redevelopment in 2006. The fifth level of the Hougang Mall had already undergone renovations. On the fifth floor, there used to be a food court. The food court moved to level 4 to the space that once held the NTUC Club, while a playground (on the roof, which provides an excellent view of the nearby HDB flats) and a few other stores are now on the fifth floor.

Hougang Mall Shops

Hougang Mall attractions for the whole family

Children’s Obstacle Course Challenge for Charity

In June, Hougang Mall will set up a sizable inflatable obstacle course. Kids can play specially designed [email protected] course, filled with steps, inflatable tires, and various exciting twists and turns from June 20 to June 22. For each youngster, the great adventure begins as follows:

  • Cross the air-filled tires.
  • Pick up a ball from the ball pond
  •  and jump across the stepping stones after navigating the inflatable crawling tunnel.
  • To reach the prize, which is tossing your hard-earned ball into the 10,000-ball Gigantic Inflatable Basket, cross the Balancing Beam.

Competition and Workshop for Urban Freestyle and Panna Street Football

It’s the ideal opportunity to wow your football-crazy spouse and children while the World Cup is now airing! Freestyle football is all about skill, proper form, keeping your cool under pressure, and perfect synchronicity. You learn how to perform juggling skills at the workshop, which also acts as a warm-up for competitors. The players will practice focusing, agility, and coordination.

Hougang Mall Restaurants

Supermarket and Cook-off Community Challenge

The cook-off for Hougang Mall’s new community cookbook, which will award prizes for the finest healthy family meals, is only one month away, so get rehearsing! The epic grocery and cook-off challenge will pit 42 lucky contenders against one another. Each contender will receive FairPrice Vouchers worth $100 to use toward the purchase of materials, and they will have one additional hour to prepare a dish to please a panel of VIP judges. You won’t receive assistance during the cook-off because it is a single event, but you can send your significant other to FairPrice to look for ingredients. Tell your children it’s a treasure hunt if you have any.

Art Flea Market and Competition

This August, Hougang Mall is hosting a competition in the Hougang Central Hub and an art flea market in the Main Atrium, so get ready for some high-quality yet reasonably priced art appreciation! There’s more, though! On the final day of the flea market, there is an art competition in Hougang Mall. You have the opportunity with your family and friends if you have always considered yourself an artist.

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