Hougang Secondary School

by | Jun 22, 2022

Hougang Secondary School

Hougang Secondary School Logo

Know Everything About The Hougang Secondary School 

Hougang Secondary School is a co-educational secondary school in Hougang, Singapore’s northernmost district. The school was from January 2, 2001, at 58 Lowland Road and closed on December 20, 2001, at 2 Hougang Street 93. Hougang Secondary School (HS) was 2001 a lowland government co-educational school. The school relocated to its current home at 93 Hougang Street on December 20, 2001. “The large and favourably emphasises entered student optimisecentered student-optimise student-student optimise student optimise optimiseemphasises entered student optimise physical environments, and the updated amenities, allow all Hougeans to strive for greatness and make a difference.’ HS offers Hougeans an excellent, holistic education that allows developing their abilities and passions.

Hougang Secondary School Singapore


Based on this principle, the school collaborates with parents and stakeholders to empower, advise, and encourage children to identify and pursue their passions. At HS, character and values instruction is very important. They get involved in developing all Hougeans to become enthusiastic learners, moral leaders, and respected citizens whose lives will get transformed long after they leave HS. Hougang can become instilled with the school’s core values of GRIT (Gratitude, Respect, Resourcefulness, Trustworthiness, and Courage) through the Instructional, Character and Civic Education, Student Leadership, CCA, Learning for Life, and Applied Learning programs, which cater to the students’ diverse needs and interests.

The school also emphasises entered students optimise character development. It imparts optimismdevelopmentstudent optimise-optimise student-student values such as “Respect yourself, respect others,” and “Choose carefully, face the consequences front on,” which lead our students in their quest for talent and knowledge.

Hougang Secondary School believes that good values will drive youngsters to succeed academically. As a result, the school’s Learning for Life Programme – Community Youth Leadership, “Values in Action, A Hogan Way of Life,” provides a constant and enhanced values education throughout a four or five-year period. Students take ownership of their participation in VIA projects, try to understand community needs, and co-create and guide their peers to raise awareness, action, and advocacy in their chosen area of community need utilising the Service Learning approach.

Hougang Secondary School Classroom


We welcome students eager to study and grow in their capacities via high-quality education that focuses on character development.


Enthusiastic learners. Leaders with values. Thankful citizens.


Attention. To lead. To motivate. Employee.

Values at school:

Appreciation. Respect. Ingenuity. Integrity. Sand.

The motto of the school:

Make an impact.

The school’s crest:

Three white lines:

In Hougang, it represents the accumulation of information, talents, and happiness.

Hougang Secondary School Canteen

Golden number:   

It represents each part of Hougang’s development into a person of good character and other exceptional attributes.

Learning methods:

The Learning For Life (LLP) Program:

A Hougangs Way of Life, Making a Difference, LLP campaign seeks to:

  1. Empower kids to become GRIT Stars and Community Youth Leaders.
  2. Providing 4/5 years of sustained and gradually better student-centeredstudent-centred education in values that influence the community.

ALP (Applied Learning Program):

The HS Applied Learning Program features three student learning goals that aim to build communication skills via the use of genuine learning as a platform:

  1. Instilling communication skills in the language curriculum.
  2. Develop communication skills in both languages (EL and MTL) through various workshops to boost their confidence and ability to connect with the current world.
  3. Be given opportunities to lead at meetings, concerts, and studentoptimiseemphasisesthe nts to optimise the learning experience.


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