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Infinity Waters  Liverpool Review

A Review of the Infinity Waters in the Uk/ Liverpool.

A vivid Detail on the Development.

Infinity Water Towers is a project that is positioned to be ideal and the most beneficial addresses of the city center. It is a compilation of three ideal towers that will actually change the view of the city of Liverpool.

Details about the development

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This spectacular multi-tower build-out will provide a steady waterfront outlook upon completion of:
  • The Historical Dock.
  • River Mersey.
  • The City’s Dynamic Centre.
  • Modern gym.
  • 24/7 CCTV
  • Private outdoor places.
  • The infinity waters headquarters.

The infinity’s largest two towers aim to be developed to get as far as the skyscraper notoriety.

It is one of the new residential properties that is set out for investment in a worthwhile location which is the Liverpool waterfront. For the first time in a long time, the United Kingdom is offering residents and investors a property that is actually buy-to-let.

The towers are actually settled on a prime land which is presently benefitting from about £5.5 billion that is worthy of investment. The build-out is perfectly positioned to attract the city’s booming rental market. It is a triple tower that is designed for residential purposes. It will be a great advantage for investors because it will offer them a long-lasting capital growth.

Between the year 2017-2021, houses located in Liverpool are anticipated to rise by 22.8%. This is because in recent years the city has emanated as the perfect city for investment outshining other places when it comes to residential and capital growth.

The Contractor.

Elliot is a constructing company that is situated in the Liverpool City that develops a multiple and mindblowing series of real estates projects. It gives both the Uk and overseas prime

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investors a chance to invest and grow capital in major cities located in the Uk.

With an extraordinary knowledge, a diverse experience in both locality and property sales investors tend to trust Elliot Group as the top prime developer in Liverpool City in property development. A great number of investors who trust in Elliot Group currently are yielding some of the best leasing returns.

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250 Year Leasehold


Lanyork Road



Site Area


No. of Units

1002 across 3 towers


Elliot Group

Project Location

The Infinity Water Towers is perfectly situated on Lanyork Road that is a distance away from Pall Mall just within the Liverpool center. It is situated in a prime area to accommodate the city’s expansion in both investing and rental markets. The Pall Mall is about 200million GBP reconstructing about 400,000sqft with both a leisure space and a retail. When someone is either at the UNESCO World Heritage Water Front, Central Business District or the Liverpool City Center, to reach the Infinity Water Towers will only take a few minutes through the means of walking.

Infinity Waters Google Map Location

Infinity Waters Google Street View

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With a high peremptory request from the leasing market, this has repositioned towards the waterfront and Liverpool’s City Centre. Projects like the River facing ones, they offer a comprehensive management service that are walking distances to the Central Business District. (CBD) Emerging a commercial choice for investors and residents. In the near future, Liverpool Marketable District will develop on the prime area’s positive results through investments that will lead to the growth of the area.

A distance from the next door is about one-minute walk right through the Central Business District area of Liverpool City. This is where a large number of professionals of about 60,000 employees work.

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Infinity Waters near harvey nichols

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Infinity Waters google map


Infinity Waters Liverpool Gallery/ Facilities.

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For premium finishes and a fashionable style facility. It is a golden opportunity for a homeowner to actually own an attractive and well-designed apartment located in a prime area developed on the waterfront featuring the worlds most iconic and classical facilities with an extraordinary concierge service.

This tallest tower will emanate as Liverpool’s tallest building for residential purposes. It will be accompanied by the topmost facilities including a pool and luxury spa.

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  • A luxury Spa facility incorporated with a Sauna and a Steam room.
  • An Indoor Swimming pool included with a jacuzzi.
  • A Cinema and meeting room.
  • Pricing – 65%
Infinity Waters is a new residential property investment in a highly desirable Liverpool waterfront location. For a long time, UK buy-to-let property has offered investors rising rental income and capital growth prospects. Over time the market has changed. High property prices in London and other large cities have forced investors to look further afield, allowing key regional cities with strong economies to overtake the capital as investment hotspots.

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Occupying a prime area which is currently benefitting from over £5.5 billion worth of investment, the development is well positioned to appeal to the city’s thriving rental market. In a time where income from property has been affected by tax changes, 7% assured NET returns are offered per annum to safeguard the first three years of the investment.

  • Location – 90%
Infinity Waters Liverpool is ideally located on Lanyork Road just off Pall Mall within Liverpool Centre. Located just a few minutes’ walk from the UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront, Liverpool City Centre and the Central Business District, Infinity Waters is in a prime location to cater to the city’s expanding rental market.

Demand from the rental market has shifted towards the city centre and the waterfront. River facing projects offering a holistic management service which are walking distance to the main city centre, have emerged as a popular choice for both investors and home seekers.

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  • Quality – 80%
Infinity Waters is a collection of three iconic towers that are set to change the face of Liverpool’s skyline. The triple-tower residential development will boast uninterrupted views of Liverpool city centre and the world-famous docks. Soaring 27, 33 and 39 storeys above ground, the larger two Infinity towers will reach skyscraper heights.

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Upon completion, Infinity will emerge as one of the city’s most desirable addresses. Residents will enjoy access to a range of onsite facilities including an indoor pool, a full spa, cinema and meeting rooms, private outdoor areas, a modern gym, 24/7 CCTV, and a world-class concierge and management team will be on site.

There are a number of secure covered parking spaces available for residents as well as secure cycle storage. The lower section is completed by high quality commercial, leisure and business spaces fronting onto Leeds St and Pall Mall.

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