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The vision and progress of Singapore as a regional and global leader get inextricably tied to ISS International School (ISS), formerly known as the International School of Singapore. Mr. Chan Chee Seng was a founding member of Singapore’s post-colonial administration. His passion for his nation and conviction in the newly created Singapore led to many years of service to Singapore as a Member of Parliament and Senior Parliamentary Secretary. Singapore was poised to take its position on the international stage when Mr. Chan left politics, and it was looking for foreign investment. The country’s small number of international schools posed a significant challenge.


Language Acquisition, Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical and Health Education, and Design are the eight subject categories that make up the MYP.MYP (International Baccalaureate):

  • Students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical well-being get addressed holistically.
  • Allows pupils to gain the information, attitudes, and abilities necessary to handle complexity and make responsible decisions in the future.
  • Studying in eight topic categories ensures breadth and depth of learning.
  • To better understand their own and others’ cultures, students must acquire at least two languages (their language plus a second language of their choice).
  • Encourages pupils to participate in community service.
  • Aids students in their preparation for further education, the job, and a lifetime of learning
  • Teachers in the MYP organize the curriculum to include: Teaching and learning in context.
  • According to the IB, students learn best when their learning experiences are contextualized and related to their lives and the worlds they’ve encountered. MYP students investigate human identity, global concerns, and what it means to be globally oriented using global contexts.

Understanding of concepts – Concepts are broad concepts that apply to various disciplines and topic areas. Students in the MYP utilize concepts to investigate personal, local, and global concerns and ideas to study information holistically.


  • Language & Literature 
  • Language Acquisition 
  • Individuals & Societies
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Arts
  • Design
  • Physical & Health Education

Extra-Curricular Activities:

The ISS Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) program is at the center of the Activity component of all ISS students’ Creativity, Activity, and Service requirements. Community service, special interest groups, varsity sports teams, and some students even form their ECA are among the activities available to High School students. ISS competes in varsity sports such as volleyball, football, and others in the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) competition. Even though the High School is in town and has certain space limitations, the students’ ECA choices have not been limited.

Creativity :

  • Band & MusicIB DP Maths Study Group
  • Knitting
  • Makers Club
  • Maths Club
  • MUN (G11&12)
  • Origami Club
  • Pastel Drawing
  • Visual Art Club


  •   Aquarium  
  •   Badminton  
  •   Basketball  
  •   Board Games  
  •   Chinese Reading Club  
  •   Global Issues  
  •   Japanese Reading Club  
  •   K Pop Dance  
  •   Reading Club  
  •   Skateboarding Club  
  •   Soccer  
  •   Table Tennis  
  •   Volleyball  


  •   Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)  
  •   Student Council  
  •   Student Engagement Team  

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