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Because of its size and expected intake compared to the other ten smaller ITE campuses, the campus was to named “ITE Regional Campus Simei” before the college system get implemented. While still under construction, the campus was renamed ITE College East (Simei) under the new college system in 2004. “ITE Regional Campus Simei” is displayed on several campus signboards. Construction of  ITE College East began in January 2002 and got completed in August 2004. The S$184.6 million campus took 80 weeks to build.

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ITE College East is a College where students not only obtain industry-relevant training but also nurture their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit!

New Nitec 3-Year Higher

From Academic Year 2022, ITE College East will offer a new 3-year Higher Nitec full-time curriculum. This new option will streamline the present Nitec and Higher Nitec curricula, allowing students to get a Higher Nitec certificate in three years instead of the current four. Students who meet the existing Nitec entry standards for Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) can apply for this new 3-year Higher Nitec programme. Normal (Academic) O-Level and Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) students will begin the programme in the second year and complete their Higher Nitec in two years.


The ITE College East offers a traineeship programme. The traineeship course consists of an experienced trainer, an ITE, and the traineeship applicant. It can help you get a head start in your profession; you’ll get a certificate as a full-time student, but you’ll also get another diploma. Training will begin as soon as the person who applied for a traineeship is accepted. Traineeships come in a wide range of courses, and each has its own set of entry requirements.


The 10.7-hectare complex was completed in 2005 and officially opened on March 24, 2006. Mirror the nearby Singapore Expo and Changi General Hospital, the building’s walls cover in rectangular metal panels. 

The campus’ architectural design is a circular-shaped stool-like forum surrounded by three six-story curved structures. There are three cafeterias, a 1000-seat auditorium, 36 IT training rooms, 60 lecture rooms, a multimedia learning centre, retail outlets, and an indoor sports facility campus.

Congratulations to the March 2022 Class!

Congratulations on completing your education at ITE College East with honours! We are pleased to have contributed to your education and skill development. You cordially invited to the Graduation Ceremony organized for you. We have restricted seating capacity in our venues due to current Safe Management Measures registered graduand are only allowed to bring two registered guests. 

For the upcoming Graduation Ceremonies on campus, ITE will use the Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS).  In addition to being fully vaccinated, guests must pre-register via the registration portal by Sunday, April 24, 2022. Other safety check-in methods will not be allowed.

Attendees who do not follow the VDS or unable to present acceptable proof of immunization are ineligible for COVID-19 vaccination may be turned away by ITE. We ask for your cooperation in reviewing the links below for all the crucial information you will need for your Graduation Ceremony to make it a memorable and joyful experience.

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