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All you need to know about the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, is Asia’s first garden dedicated to children. This kid-friendly garden, themed ‘Life on Earth Depends on Plants,’ contains a variety of interactive zones, a play area with a farm, an orchard, and a forest with streams and ponds. The suspension bridge and treehouses are two attractions for children. Children are encouraged to watch plants develop and practice rudimentary gardening methods at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden . The festival allows children of all ages to interact with nature via play, craft, study, storytelling, and walks. Children learn about farms, compost, and propagation techniques during this two-week event. 

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden Zones :

The garden has been divided into four new zones, allowing visitors to see plant ecology firsthand through natural play and learn about different ecosystems.

Farm Zone:

A well-kept, well-labeled vegetable patch may see in the agricultural zone. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a large site for kids to learn about how fruits and vegetables aren’t grown in stores. The kids will also learn how to cultivate their food and compost, which will help them decrease food waste.

Forest Zone:

Children may learn about forests and their inhabitants at the Forest Zone. The Flying Fox is the primary attraction here, and youngsters flock to it in droves. There’s also a little sandpit with a nest swing where kids may nestle and sway like young birds. The inclusive play equipment for children with special needs makes this zone unique. 

Stream Zone:

A stream zone is a location where children may view plants and creatures that have evolved to live in streams. The Put may also find in swampy woodlands and marshlands, as well as the Simpoh Air, a shrub with large leaves and blossoms that grows along forest boundaries.

Orchard Zone:

A deck has been set aside in the Orchard Zone to demonstrate how popular beverages get made from cocoa, tea, and coffee trees. The kids may ride the board over the overhead bridge to obtain a better view of the tree canopy, including a fake mangosteen tree.

Highlights of the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden :

  • The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is Asia’s first and biggest dedicated to children’s gardens.

  • The garden, which has the theme “All Life on Earth Depends on Plants,” is a fascinating location for kids to learn about plants and the environment through exploration and hands-on activities.
  • It contains eight interactive fun zones for children aged 4 to 14 to help them develop an appreciation for wildlife.
  • The Sensory Garden encourages children to use all of their senses, including sight, hearing, and touch.
  • The Waterfall Cave and the surrounding forest are excellent areas for children to learn about environmental protection.
  • Crossing the Swinging Suspension Bridge with your children might be an unforgettable experience.
  • The Hedge Maze, Tall Tree House, and Water Play Area are great places for kids to have a good time while learning about environmental problems.

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