Site Plan

With the site map you can check where the facilities are located

Jade Scape Condo Site Plan

Looking at this plan, we can visualize the surroundings of JadeScape.


We already established that Jade Scape condo can be entered from the Shunfu Road.


If you happen to have an apartment on the back of the property (more precisely it is the right side of the property when you observe it on a map) , you may have the chance of regular enjoying of beautiful sunsets that fall upon Boomview and the nearby pond.


The ones living at the forefront will have a view at the Thomson Garden Estate and you may even be able to see the Sin Ming Plaza.


The plan also shows the closeness to the numerous MRT stations. learn more about Jade Scape developer


We already mentioned the Marymount one and where it leads, but there are also some other. Important MRT’s such as Circle Line, North-South Line, Thomson East Coast Line and Cross Island Line.


Finally, we must say that Jade Scape seems to have better access than other properties nearby, especially thanks to the Marymount Road.

Jade Scape Condo Site Plan 1

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