Jalan Besar MRT

by | Jun 9, 2022

Jalan Besar MRT

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Guide to Know About Jalan Besar MRT

The Jalan Besar MRT station is close to the HDB estates of Rowell Court and Kelantan Court, Sim Lim Tower, and nearby shophouses and schools. Bus service to Johor Bahru is available at the nearby Queen Street Bus Terminal. The station gets named after Jalan Besar, the main road in Malay, which translates as “big road.” Despite being near the DT13 Rochor station, these stations are eight stations apart on the Downtown Line and do not have pedestrian connections. Deep DTL tunnels run beneath the North-South Corridor and the DTL’s Rochor-Bugis segment. 

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The Downtown Line Stage 3 (DTL3), which runs from River Valley (previously Fort Canning) to Expo stations, inaugurated its 16 stops on August 20, 2010. The Jalan Besar MRT station was the most recent addition to the DTL3’s original blueprints. In 2017, the line was supposed to get finished. In May 2011, Leighton Offshore Pte Ltd and John Holland Pty Ltd (Singapore Branch) Joint Venture were awarded Contract 935 for the construction and completion of Sungei Road station for S$171.46 million (US$136.32 million). The station and tunnels get scheduled to open in2017, and work began in June of that year.

The project started in July 2011 with the closure of Pasar Lane and Pitt Street to make space for the Downtown Line, completed on April 6, 2012. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) stated on May 31, 2017, that the station would open on October 21, 2017, together with the rest of DTL3. At the DTL 3 Open House on October 15, passengers were given a sneak peek at the station and the other stations on Downtown Line 3. Rochor MRT station is nearby. Passengers have been able to transfer between the two stations without incurring a fare penalty from March 2018, bypassing the Downtown Line’s loop.

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Both platforms of Jalan Besar station are used for trains travelling in either direction, creating an island platform arrangement. The air-conditioned station is separated from the tunnel environment by full-height Platform screen doors, which improve commuter safety and station comfort. Commuters must tap in via the fare gates at B1 to utilise the lift at the platform, which serves B4 (Platform), B2 (Ticket Concourse), and B1 (Underpass).

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The concourse has faregates for automatic fee collection and access between the station’s paid and unpaid sectors and at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, those carrying heavy objects, or those travelling with prams.

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Art in Transit

The artwork for Jalan Besar station celebrates the area’s culture and variety through architectural landmarks and communities. One of the work’s main goals is to capture Jalan Besar’s inherent energy and how it manifests itself as one of Singapore’s unique urban landscapes amid change and advancement. The piece gets inspired by the Sungei Road Market’s colourful and eclectic community, which has helped shape the location’s history and unique character. Like a kaleidoscope constantly changing and evolving, ‘A Kaleidoscopic World’ quietly wishes to accentuate and retain the spirit of those who have left an indelible mark on Jalan Besar.

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