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jcube ice rink

Things To Know About The  JCube Mall

JCube is a shopping centre in Singapore’s Jurong East. It has the first Olympic-sized ice rink in Singapore and the first IMAX theatre in a suburban area, and it is open from 10 am to 10 pm. The Jurong Entertainment Center’s former location was where it constructed. A naming contest organised in 2010 resulted in the selection of the name JCube. J stands for the Jurong location of the mall. The cube resembles an ice cube, which is how JCube intended to seem. RSP Architects and Benoy collaborated on its design. It is a participating mall in CapitaStars CapitaMalls Asia’s cardless rewards programme owns by CapitaMall Trust and operated by CapitaMalls Asia.

jcube interior 

In-betweener of the West

In five MRT stations away from Jurong East our entire life but have never been to JCube. Discover that JCube is more than just ice skating after travelling to the far west to make this article possible. It has become my new favourite hangout because of the fantastic stuff discovered, like $10 outfits and $6.80 bingsu. Here, for the same amount of money, you can have a day of clean fun while the cafes in town are pushing $20 kinds of pasta and french breakfast in your face. Additionally, JCube frequently offers ongoing specials that you can take advantage.

The skating rink to escape our 34-degree temperature.

There is no better way to avoid the oppressive heat in Singapore than to stay inside, or even better, to ice skate inside. Take a step onto actual ice to experience the rink’s chilly ambience. Even if you can’t balance, pretend to be a Disney princess on ice as you glide through the cold mist. You can skate for two hours at a time, watch your friends fall, and enjoy each other’s company for $17.50. That is the basis for studying friendships. Laughter and fun are assured! Flashing lights and funk music played; this is a substitute for Zouk’s crammed events without the steep cover charge.

jcube lift 

Find this sushi restaurant offers a discount and CLEAN it up.

Without affordable dining options, the shop centre can claim to be “budget.” The only issue you’ll have at JCube is overeating with selections like Eighteen Chefs and Kyo by SAKAE. The 50% promotion of Kyo by SAKAE is sufficient justification for a trip to the west. Order like a monarch hosting a banquet by choosing from their whole menu. If you don’t already have a large appetite, you soon will because $3 sushi and $9 duck ramen?.

BishiBashi is in an antique arcade.

Our childhood casinos had aisles of plush toys that screamed “WIN ME!” and flashed lights and Japanese jingles. We can’t be the only ones who desired that the claw machine would mistakenly dispense more tickets than winners or who tossed money into its money pit. Arcades’ charm does not fade with age. At JCube’s Whimsy, you can relive your youth for just a $1 each token. Become serious about keeping the beat or driving erratically like in Tokyo Drift. It’s all about having fun and letting free at arcades.

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