Joo Chiat Community Club

Joo Chiat Community Club

Things To Know About  Joo Chiat Community Club

Even though Singapore is a concrete jungle filled with steely skyscrapers, pastel structures are commonplace here. You can find many of these buildings by just taking a stroll through older HDB estates or areas with conservation shophouses in  Joo Chiat Community Club. One of these places is the row of Peranakan shophouses along Koon Seng, but right next to it is a secret pink photo location that we’d like to share with you.

Arrangement of Japanese flowers (Stage I)

The Japanese art of flower arranging, known as ikebana, emphasises the beauty of simplicity. The craft of an arrangement significance and symbolism of nature will taught to participants in  Joo Chiat Community Club.

Yoga Vinyasa (Beginner)

Yoga practice known as vinyasa is done in a flow sequence, synchronising the breath with the motion of the asanas (postures). The training will emphasise Shavasana, asanas, and pranayama (controlled breathing techniques) (relaxation). It includes a comprehensive regimen to strengthen the physical body (increase flexibility, muscle tone, and stamina), detoxify the vitals, and boost mental clarity. It aims to harmonise the body, mind, and emotions, which is very advantageous for those (male or female) who lead stressful lives.


Vinyasa yoga is a vigorous kind of yoga. The routine incorporates a flowing sequence of yoga poses. The practice is made more intriguing by the transitions between poses. The instructor may occasionally incorporate some arm balance poses into the course. All is a curious and open mind to learn, explore, and have fun. Participants are needed to have a basic understanding of yoga poses (be familiar with a sun salutation, chaturanga, warrior 1, 2, and 3).

Adult Violin (Grade 1)

The curriculum is in line with those reputable, international music colleges, which have granted permission to nearby music schools to organise exams for participants. The following international music colleges have provided the examiners: 

1) The Royal Schools of Music’s Associated Board (ABRSM) London College of Music

(ii) (LCM) Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD), Trinity College of Music (TCM) (GSMD)


The sport of badminton is pleasant and easy. It encourages overall fitness and helps players develop good eye-limb coordination and mental alertness. One of the fastest racquet sports in the world, it calls for quick reactions and top-notch conditioning. People of different ages and ability levels can play it. The fundamental strokes serve, appropriate gripping and swinging of the racquet, and footwork is all covered in this course.


  1. According to the current vaccination-differentiated SMMs, all participants in PA-organised classes, activities, and events must completely immunised COVID-19 recovered, medically ineligible, or 12 years of age or below (VDS).
  2. Before starting the class, activity, or event, participants must provide the organiser or trainer with physical or digital copies of their immunisation certificate from a MOH-approved provider via the TT or HealthHub app. 

Children’s Art Requirements 

  • This class has ongoing requirements. 
  • Newcomers want to enrol in the class.
  • Before registering, call CC for additional information.

Participants must bring:

 1) Large sticks of oil pastels and 2) Colors for a poster. 3) Pencils and a paper towel 4) A block of wood 5) A black outliner 6) Pallet and brushes.

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