Junyuan Primary School

by | May 25, 2022

Junyuan Primary School

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The Curriculum of Junyuan Primary School

Junyuan Primary gets established in 1988 as a government English medium school in the Tampines GRC of Singapore.

Although the school gets not affiliated with the former Choon Guan Primary School, the name was adopted. It began operations in January 1988 at 2 Tampines Street 91, and Mr. Yatiman Yusof, Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC, officially launched it on September 2, 1989. When the Junyuan Primary School first opened, it was a single-session school with 20 classrooms ranging from Primary One to Primary Five, 620 students, and 29 teachers. With 1500 students and 70 professors, the school has grown significantly.

Distinctive Programs and Services

Applied Learning Programme

The Junyuan Primary School aims to provide students with the abilities and attitudes necessary to succeed in the twenty-first century in the Confident communication area. Every JYPS student will go through the Confident Communicator program, a 6-year program that focuses on building confidence in speaking and communicating with others. The inter-departmental collaboration between the EL, MTL, and ICT departments has resulted in several programs and relevant activities gradually woven into the curriculum.

Learning for Life Programme

The Mind, Body, and Soul LLP in the music and the performing arts world provides holistic music education based on the Orff-Schelwerk, Dalcroze, and Kodaly pedagogies. It emphasizes audition (the mental process of assigning meaning to musical sounds), body percussion techniques, rhythmic creation, and improvisation in a collaborative and individualistic environment. Furthermore, non-formal and informal learning options in the curriculum and performing arts CCA groups help students improve their musicianship and performance excellence. Students get exposed to a wide range of music genres and the diverse cultures that these genres represent.

Physical Education 

The Physical Education (PE) curriculum and programs at Junyuan Primary get designed to provide every student with an enriched EXPERIENCE during PE courses so that they can ENJOY a lifetime of healthy and active living. They also promote and create platforms for students to develop their talents to EXCEL in sports by acquiring these core physical skills and abilities.


Arts Education is an ideal aspect of the curriculum at Junyuan Primary, as they strive to provide all students with a more balanced and comprehensive education.

Pupils will learn and practice performance arts (music, dance, storytelling, drama), visual arts (craft, drawing, painting), and digital art as part of the Art and Music curriculum. Each student will get an opportunity to perform on numerous platforms to display their talents.


The JYPS CCA Program gives students a chance to explore their passions and talents while also growing holistically.

Through the development of sports-specific abilities, the Physical Sports CCA groups help students develop resilience, fair play, and team spirit to understand and enjoy playing the game. They’ll also be able to exercise and prepare for the yearly National School Games.

Self-reliance, resilience, discipline, and a sense of service to others get instilled in pupils through the Uniformed Groups. Students can explore and expand their interests in information, communication, and subject-specific abilities through Clubs and Societies as they work to improve their mastery of these specialized areas.

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