Jurong Central Park

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Attractive features of Jurong Central Park

Jurong Central Park is an 8-hectare local park that is the first in Singapore to offer life-sized board-sport activities such as a Snakes and Ladders playground and Ludo Garden. These features have been developed often on the traditional indoor kid’s board-video games that are well-liked by many people globally. Visitors may enjoy the video games outside using the cube tower built in Jurong Central Park. The Snakes and Ladders playground grows luxurious flora and wood, as well as the Calathea lutea and Raphis excelsa.

Visitors may enjoy gaming in a rainforest setting as the timber matures. The Ludo Garden is where colorful flora grows to compliment the Ludo game, which uses vibrant colors for particular gambling teams. Directs visitors toward nature within the marsh, where several types of water vegetation live to augment the existing flora. The marsh attracts a variety of wildlife, butterflies, frogs, and bugs.

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The park is directly across the street from the Boon Lay MRT station. Cross the Boon Lay Way from the Boon Lay MRT, Jurong Point, or the Boon Lay Bus Interchange to get to the park.

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Life-sized Game Boards Throughout the Park

Take center stage in a life-sized game of Snakes & Ladders or Ludo in Jurong Central Park. Don’t worry. There are no real snakes here, no longer that we should see, at the least now. Instead, Jurong Central Park incorporates early childhood electronic games into its design.

Ludo is a sport that is based entirely on the Indian sport of Pachisi. Flow across the Ludo board, begin with a colored base, and work your way to the final aim, the house column. Return to a base by landing on the colored rectangle of the opposite team. You may play this sport at a covered Ludo Garden at Jurong Central Park. It may be four teams, with one to four people in each squad. Jurong Central Park has an entirely new approach for determining how many squares should flow. A dice tower within the park creates a die at a random number, letting you know how many zones to flow through. In its day, this was a novel idea. However, we now recommend a loose cube app on your phone instead. It will relieve the neck strain caused by looking up at the tower.

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Snake and ladder:
Snakes and Ladders are a well-known game that needs no introduction. The Snakes and Ladders playground incorporate features from Jurong Central Park. If you land on a square with a ladder, you can climb up and get an advantage on the game board. At the very least, you’ll have a good time sliding down. If this is too much for eager little children, they may burn off steam on the playground’s slides, ladders, and balancing beams.

Open space:
Jurong Central Park features various open areas in addition to the two games and the children’s park. It’s around the size of eight football fields. It also has a dragonfly population in its ponds. The park is adjacent to Jurong Point retail mall, SAFRA, and the KidzAmaze indoor playground. A McDonald’s drive-through also serves hungry park visitors. A 2 km long-running cycling track, a fitness corner for exercise and training, an event meadow, seats, and shelters for everyone are available in the park for recreational runners and cyclists. Other activities include concerts and shows, family celebrations, and in-line skating.

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