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Know About Jurong Christian Church Singapore

Jurong Christian Church is an associate of the Lutheran Church in Singapore. It is in a Kopitiam across the street from where the church gets constructed in 1967. (down the road from Taman Jurong CC, as it is today).

“Growing Deep in Discipleship” will be the topic through 2021. It comes after being called by Christ to become His disciples (Mt 28:19-20). You have a lifetime calling to live as disciples. Every believer uses Jurong Christian Church to reflect on their main life goals rather than merely using it as a catchphrase.

The Roots

On December 2, 1965, the Council of Churches (CoC) decided to submit a bid for a Jurong religious site to build Jurong Christian Church. Land at Tah Ching Rd gets purchased by CoC on February 14, 1966. The Jurong Christian Church started holding services at a shophouse on the same street in June 1966. The church edifice, known as Jurong Christian Church & Civic Centre, was dedicated on July 28, 1968, with participation from representatives of numerous church denominations (JCCCC). On its grounds, a kindergarten gets established in 1970. JCCCC as Jurong Christian Church in 1971. (JCC). 

The Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) gets established in August 1996 as a standalone national church. The LCS accepted JCC as a congregation. In preparation for the 46-year-old building’s destruction and rebuilding, JCC moved to a temporary space on December 9, 2014. In a pilot effort to aid smaller churches in coping with land scarcity, the new church hub opened in January 2017 and currently contains six churches, including JCC.

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Service they Provide

Alpha Youth Series

People can explore life, faith, and meaning in a safe and honest environment through a series of interactive sessions called Alpha, which can be taken online or in person. After seeing the videos in this 12-part series, you can write down your ideas and ask questions to the instructor. The Alpha experience gets transformed into an online course. Keep an open mind, and feel free to have detailed discussions with the group members if you’re doing this in a group.

Bicycle Basics

These churchgoers offer free bicycle clinic sessions every Sunday from 3 to 4 p.m. in Jurong Christian Church. Bicycles owned by the general public can get brought in for free maintenance by volunteers.

Create Interactive Conversations to Engage People

If you can picture having a discussion, drag and drop symbols, type short lines, and click buttons to submit films and photographs. You can have Interesting conversations with people about the information you know!

Equip Yourself for Community-based Evangelism

In June 2021, JCCian Dr. Albert Ong led the evangelism training; Senior Operations Executive Peggy Tan from the Goshen Centre oversaw a Saturday outreach. Every session lasts for 1.5 hours. You can watch at any time and your own pace.

Fun Exercises for Seniors, Pairs, Groups, & Solo

Kylie is an NCSF-certified personal trainer with four years of group fitness and Zumba experience. She demonstrates how to exercise from your chair, perform bodyweight exercises, progress with elastic bands, kickbox, master the fundamentals of self-defense, exercise with a partner, or host a group of five exercisers in these half-hour videos.

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